I'm Anth the axeman, that's man with a guitar not mad man with an axe (that's on a Sunday only HA HA Ha (evil laugh)). Helllooo Diablians!!  I'm the new old guitarist. or am I the old new guitarist?? How the devil are you??

I've been playing the guitar from the age of 15 (only 5 years I hear your ask!). After many attempts of asking Ma and Pa Bear Erskine, they eventually bought me a Westone Thunder guitar, 15 watt Badger amp and Orion distortion pedal  for Xmas. It would never last - or so they thought..This wasn't my first official guitar. This was a Slazenger tennis bat which I used to play along to Eddie Van Halen's 'Beat It' solo (still one of the best) and Lionel Richie's 'Running With The Night' solo (in my opinion one of the very best solo's ever created especially the full length outro solo). This was in front of the mirror, it took me ages to perfect my trademark mosh face now blatantly copied by Mick Jagger, Davy Jr Peckett and numerous dead fishes on market stalls. I joined a few mates from school jamming in a band called Blue Light Zone. A much better band (that means a band with genuine talent) were also at school called Red Light Zone (you can see our innovative thinking at 15 years of age). BLZ did Dave Lee Roth and Cult covers and our errr famous one original tune. An H-ing A G-ing A B-ing and an S-ing which was really a 12 bar blues porn story.

I then teamed up with Red Light Zone when I was about 16 as second guitarist, playing one 'memorable' gig in the Broken Doll pub. The band consisted of Mark 'Harry' Harrison on vocals (as in Harry from famed north east fantastic band Borderland who play a great selection of 80's rock covers from Journey etc) and Harvey Smith (formerly keyboard player in Borderland, famed north east band..etc). I bought a 100 watt Marshall amp and white charval guitar specifically for the occasion and managed to blow up the PA. Soon after the Broken Doll was bulldozed. These are unconnected events.

Late teens saw me join Paris Texas and grow Kevin Keegan hair (or as we were advertised in one paper, Paris Taxis), taxis for an eye-full of the north east? PT did mostly original metal/rock tunes. We played a few gigs in and around the north east, supporting 'Wicked' (80 north east band not the recent west end smash featuring a witch) featuring Mark Harrison on vocals. We recorded a few demos which were err great in the early 80's. I recently found them and can confirm they are absolutely terrible and I expect to be hunted down by the head of crimes against music and go on trial. I also expect to be put on trial by the head of Head and Shoulders for crimes against hair cuts.

Paris Texas / taxis came and went and I joined Native Sun, another original metal / rock band (same hair..ahh life before GHD). We played a splattering of gigs around the North East mainly supporting White Lies (80s north east rock band not the recent indie-tastic band) who featured Gav and Alan (from Borderland). A great moment in Bubbles Ashington when I axed it up so much I fell backwards only to find relief when I fell onto the bandit only to be scared witless when the bandit fell backwards too.

Early 20's saw me form Kahuna, an indie / jazzy type of band with a lady singer. We recorded a decent demo and played one gig. Then came the Sojourners, a great little original indie outfit who had a decent following, Radio 4 airplay but folded due to 'musical differences'. A substantial period of 'retirement' and a new semi-decent hair cut put me in the 'Pin Heads', a punk covers band with Harv Smith Vocals, Paul Hardy (Ladykillers) and Phil Reynolds (drums). It was meant to be four  lads having a laugh but it worked really well. Our finest moment was in the 3 Tuns Gateshead playing a punk cover of Westlife.

Anyway, I thought I had retired again when I went to see a lad from works band. He was a quiet shy lad I used to play footy with and found out he liked the same music as me. Needless to say that lad was early Davy Peckett i.e.. the one before the loud Davy Peckett. As I go and see a huge amount of bands and festivals I knew straight away this lads voice and stage presence had what it takes  in the music business. I jumped at the chance to axe it up with Davy and hopefully be part of something to help project him to stardom. The mighty Diablo was formed!!

The first few years with Diablo was the stuff dreams were made of in terms of gigs, laughs and antics. My fav gig had to be Carlisle where we played in front of 2 people and I took a phone call mid solo in 7 nation army. Unfortunately work and personal commitments meant I had to take a break from Diablo, however, I am proud to be the only band member to have seen Diablo drunk in the crowd (although watch this space for the Lodgemeister). Paul is such a great guitarist, he always used to inspire me to pick my guitar up when I got home after I went to see Diablo so when the opportunity arose to re-join Diablo I didn't need asking twice!

Whilst bands come and go, I have made some great friends over the years who are still with me now. I have also met some great people whilst playing with Diablo and meeting the fans and people who stumble on us is one of my favourite parts of being with the band again.


● I enjoy the words ferret and weasel
● My fav sup is Erdinger. I also enjoy umbongo
● I have a season ticket at Newcastle United

Favourite Sayings
● Your joooking
● Have you ever seen a monkey cry?
● Strange one

Musical influences
● Musical Youth
● Glen Maderios
● Robson & Jerome
● Diva Fever
● Same Difference
● The Worzels

What do you want to achieve in the future?
● Own a ferret theme park with crying monkeys
● Hopefully join Musical Youth's comeback tour






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