I’m Davy who’s king of the castle of Diablo!  I’m Dogtanion and the others are The Musketeers (Anthos, Portly and Aromas!)  If you’ve come to one of the gigs I tend to call myself what my pops calls me – Dickhead!  Well… I did it once and the crowd seem to like it so we kept it in!

I got into music because of my Pops.  He loves it as much as me.  He gave me until the age of two before he drilled me with all his favourite tunes which were all types of surf music Ventures and Sandy Nelson especially – and I’m proud to say – I love them all!  It wasn’t until 13 when I decided I wanted to play the drums as that’s what Pops played.  After a year or so of never attending music lessons and teaching myself instead, he came to me and wondered if I should play guitar instead so we could jam.  Guitar strumming came fairly easy then he asked me to sing along with the songs I played I unleashed the voice and Pops looked at me with this face I’ll never forget; a kind of ‘what on EARTH was that?’ kind of look!  I was terrible.

After three years of listening to my favourite singers, Kelly Jones (Stereophonics), Matt Bellamy (Muse), Chris Cornell (Audioslave), Billy Joe Armstrong (Green Day) and Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) I not only sang in tune but  became main singer of my first band (based in Hartlepool).  My first band I really enjoyed but unfortunately I had different ideas to them and thought it best to leave before it got too much but I learned a lot all the same. Managed half a dozen decent gigs including one at Northumbria Uni.

I was through graft and met this lad called Anth (aka SKOG!) and he loved all my types of music as I did.  NO we didn’t fall in love although he’s now like my Tonto / Dr Watson / Costello!!!!  We went to a few gigs and after meeting with Jimmy Eat World we looked at each other and though its time to be the best band in the world!  We (me, Pops, and Anth) learned loads of cover songs and started to look for a bass player.  There were loads of guys who were average until this shy guy came along and blew us away, after us axing it up in my bedroom Diablo was formed!


Favourite Drink: - Vodka

Favourite Food: - Chilli

Ambitions: - To become the greatest band in the world

Hobbies: - ROCK

Inspirations: - Mops / Pops / Matt Bellamy / Kelly Jones / Chris Cornell  / Billy Joe / Dave Grohl / Noel Gallagher / Sherlock Holmes / Eddie Izzard / Danny Kay / Johnny Depp / Lucianos Pizza House

Pet Hates: - People doing a maximum 70 on the overtaking lane and sore throats

Also known as “Soul of Ass!”


Dave Senior Peckett (aka Pops) (Drums)

Pops has been drumming since he was born!  He’s is without a doubt one of the best drummers I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot of them!).  He’s a NOW kind of guy and doesn’t like anything left till later or anything old!  Without him Diablo would be a band doing a gig every two years.  The hardest worker I’ve ever seen and can still play the drums with the energy of a 16year old.  Oh and Pops, if you are reading this don’t flatter yourself – you’re still a moron.

Tony (Lead Guitar)

I met Anth at my current work place and as soon as we met I knew he was the one for me (in a manly way of course).  Everyone says I can talk complete crap for England and when I go off on a tangent Anth is the one who takes it to places no man has gone before.  He's a great lad and one of my bestest buds and can also be introduced on stage as my skull brother.  One of the tastiest guitarists I know and a great 'on stage' presence, only down side is he never messages back! So if you're reading this can you make practice next week!  

Frankie (Bass)

Frankie is simply a combination of Mr Cool (Fonzi) and Noah!  He was going to build an ark for Noah only he took too much on-board after buying his own cement mixer to build Pops his very own homemade drum kit.  A very good bass player who can do simple and complicated and sing and plays the keyboard after learning it from scratch.  Nothing fazes him, I give him a problem and he comes back making a device to resolve the issue and there has been loads! e.g. I told Frankie I was insecure, so he made me a lovely mannequin called Kim Cattrall.  Comes to every gig with some ideas DIABLO have never had before and make Diablo look brilliant.  Determined for him to come into a Kung Lao outfit from Mortal Kombat but a great asset to Diablo.  Keep up the good work Frankie and let's wing it no books required!

Davy Peckett (aka, “Soul of Ass”) (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards and smart arse)

That’s me - need I say more? 






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