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Anth's Toys

ine 6 Vetta combo II Amp (looks like Davy's but has less beer stains on)

Line 6 Longboard - a fine foot controller to do river dance on.

Not to be confused with the Line 6 Short Board  which is like the

long board but shorter. The short board often gets confused

with the long board as its like the short board but longer.

 It doesn't often get confused with the Tefal ironing board

which magically removes creases  by just staring at them

or the Monopoly board.  I usually get confused with the

longboard and the Monopoly board, so my sound patch for

Propane Nightmares is called Old Kent Road.

Anth's Axes
There's really only one type of 'Axe' - the Gibson Les Paul.

If anyone says any different they there probably

A) A lumberjack

B) Davy Peckett

or C) they are the types of people who like to smuggle

packets of Monster Munch into their bedrooms ..

pickled onion under the duvet .. nowt better. Mmmm.
Anyway, my chosen instrument is a custom built

Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. It's a silver burst, silver to black,

very unusual.  Its number 12 of 12 produced in the UK.

Its really heavy and has a huge neck which is a dream to play.
Over time, the silver turns a green colour which looks amazing -

not in an Incredible Hulk capacity. The Les Pauls never get angry

in the box and I'm sure if they did and they turned green

they would definitely keep their underpants on too.

My back-up guitar and Mr Brightside E flat tuned axe,

is a real work horse Les Paul, which I had for years and years.

It has never let me down (touch wood). I've also a third Les Paul (a supreme), which is like the Davy Peckett Jr Wallet

of the collection (it never comes out).

My classical is a Yamaha which again has a big neck,

so it's great to play. I also have a big apple Fender Strat knocking

around, the Newcastle United trophy cabinet of the guitar

collection (people ask does it actually exists!)

PS: I'm a realistic toon fan, so no hate mail please!


And I also have a 12-string Yamaha.

I use .11 strings on the Les Pauls -

the more the metal,the bigger the sound.


I have a fine selection of Diablo plecs for the fans, so please

feel free to come to our gigs and you might get one!






Diablo Drums with Dave


Dave’s theory is buy 'em, try 'em, play 'em, then swap 'em!

This has led to him owning about 30 kits in the last decade alone with

twice that number of snare drums to find the ultimate snare sound.


Dave's noisy bits



Acquired in 2013, an Italian maple Tamburo jazz kit in a 'Cherry wood' finish 10", 12", 14" tom toms and a tiny but powerful 18" bass drum.


The snare drum is 14" x 5 1/2 Premier Signia from about 1994

and BRITISH made!


Still has his 2009 purchased, Premier 4" Chrome Piccolo snare drum.




Cymbal stands Pearl and Premier DW 9000 bass drum pedal; Sticks - loads and mainly 5C (difficult to get now) or heavier - loved no-name 'Power Rockers' but can't find them anymore. Failing that, fence posts suffice.




(Dave's Tip: buy cymbals with your back to them) Over the years, have bought every style of cymbal going, for rock and for percussion effects,

so many great ones, but nowadays standardise on:


Paste 2002 Hi-Hats (wouldn't have any others)

Sabian AA Rocktagon (Chinese without the overtones)

Sabian AA Crash Paiste 2002 20" Ride 

Avedis Zildjean 18" medium 'A' (just fab)


Dave recommends Willy’s Drum Shop (Sunderland Music)

with whom he usually spends his mortgage money


Dave’s wishes he’d kept his Premier Genista kit with Signia Maple

snare – just stunning in looks and sound, but times were hard.


Still hoping to find a 1962 Trixon (German) Telstar kit … for nothing.






Davy's gear


Gibson SG

Epiphone Jumbo Acoustic guitar

Juno D Keyboard

DB In Ear Monitors

Amplifi Amp

Amplifi App for iPad/iPhone allowing me to create any sound I want!

FBV Floor Board

Line 6 Vetta






Frank's equipment

Fender Precision (1986 Japan)
Fender Precision (1962 only used on special occasions)
Taylor 314ce acoustic

Ensoniq TS12
Roland Juno Di

Ashdown Rootmaster MAG 420
Mark Bass 2x10

Electro Harmonix Micro POG
Electro Harmonix Big Muff
Marshall Supervibe Chorus





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 Meet the Band  ●  Photo Gallery  ●  Songs  ●  Videos



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