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Here's some recent feedback we've received from Diablo's live shows.
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CHAMPS SPORTS BAR Washington (New Year’s Eve) “Fab night as ever”

(Trish McArdle) … “Brilliant night at Champs with fantastic music with DIABLO.” (Fiona Clough) … “Mint night” (Natalie Young) … “Having a brilliant night with the tremendous DIABLO” (Neil Parkinson) …  “What better what to reign in the new year than DIABLO! Woo!” (Eleanor Kate Smith) …




POACHERS COTTAGE Callerton “DIABLO - best band ever - it was brilliant,  you guys were fabulous tonight! xx (Lucy Howell) … “Epic! Another fab night, just love these guys!” xx (Fay Brent) … “Loved the new songs. Brilliant night.” xxxx (Anne & Trev Edwards) … “Rocking with DIABLO the best ever!!!” (Theresa Baines) … “Another amazing night. You guys are just the best. Love you all big time. We had the BEST TIME as we always do. Just love, love, love our DIABLO nights at the Toon and can't wait for our next one xx (Julie Murray). (Our Nottingham pals are pictured, Davy clearly hating every moment!)







PELAW INN - "Diablo were excellent as ever not comparable with any other local band in my opinion - music for fun." (Phil Howe)


RYTON HOTEL - "Fantastic gig at the Ryton Hotel last night, incredible performance from the lads. At one point,84.7% of those in attendance were dancing, including me. Well done chaps, absolutely smashing." (Chris Tait) … "Absolutely amazing band!! Looking forward to seeing them play again!" (Kirsty Louise Berkshire)


USWORTH GARDENERS CLUB - "Ah I absolutely loved it! You were all brilliant! I'd totally come and see you and the band again! Love a bit of live music and I think I'm turning into my dad and much prefer real music with real musicians. Awesome night!!" (Sarah Turnbull) x


CORBRIDGE TYNEDALE BEER FESTIVAL - "Diablo took our breath away in 2015, as they closed out our festival after a record breaking attendance!" (Beerfest Website) ... "The best beer festival ever, best night bar none, thank you Diablo!" (Gavin Sewell) … "Love, love, love u lot awesome - Diablo Northeast were incredible as ever x thanks for birthday song – Foo Fighters! X" (Vicki Dillon) …  "A fantastic night, the lads were brilliant. We all had a great time. Miesha's 2nd Tynedale Beer Festival and she loves her DIABLO t-shirt" xxxx (Trish McArdle) … "Fantastic night with Diablo Northeast & all the Diablo followers what a lovely bunch. Diablo Northeast were amazing they rocked the house down!" (Fay Brent) … "Diablo was fantastic as always. Lovely to see you guys xx" (Dee Houston) … "Amazing gig last night at the beer festival, you guys were soooooo good!" (Ana Nicholson‎) … "Fab band" Brenda Nesbit x … "Yep, Brenda they're brilliant x" (Trish Hannant) ... "Had lots of fun dancing to Diablo xx" (Laurie Wilson) ... "Fab, fab, fab!" (Paula Michelle Davison) … "Loved seeing you all so much love you xxxxxxxxxxxxx" (Kayleigh Pixiedust Cockburn) … And on another one of Davy’s original “Last Night” with Sam Hutchinson guesting on another of Davy's songs dedicated to his late Nanna, "Love it what a lovely sound. Sometimes you just hear music that touches your soul and that does xx" (Susan Johnston)








“They are brilliant, not been down the coast for years. We saw DIABLO in Fat Ox a few years back and up in Gosforth! Excellent gig it was guys, hopefully catch you all soon!”
(Steve Cockburn) … “DIABLO awesome at the Queens Head - thanks for entertaining us. You'll be back soon!” (Jon Gambit Taylor) … “DIABLO, how have I not seen these before??? They were great!” (Sheila Collins) … “DIABLO are great...definitely going to see them again - outstanding and finished off a brilliant day thank you and we will definitely come n see you again xxx” (Carol Redpath) … Absolutely! Superb x” (Dianne Stewart) “Had to leave early but was enjoying the first half. The loop pedal thing needed explaining to me.. took a while to sink in!” (John Seymour Reed) … “We’ve never been so entertained, you’re such a tight, well-rehearsed band. We didn’t know what to expect. Your music is not what we normally get here – just amazing!” … “Fantastic – so pleased you were playing locally - Dad & I have all your albums.” … “A fantastic night - To be honest, I knew it would be .. you are first class, professional and I saw you advertising the gig like mad” (Paul Mordue Manager) … “Fab night@ the queens head cheers lads see you!” (Nigel Burns) “Great band!” (Terry Brown) … ‎ “Great to see u all again , fab night thank you xx” (Alison O'Neil‎) “Brilliant band ,think I am a DIABLO fan - you were great last night in the Poachers. LOVE TO SEE YOU GUYS!” (Phil Langron) … (For Dane Curran tribute, “Time Of Your Life”) – “That was outstanding.....a brilliant song choice, epic tribute” … (Martin Feeney) … “A beautiful, flawless, fitting tribute x” (Andrea Williamson) … “Brilliant x” (Louise Stephenson)





THE STAR Newcastle July 17th; THREE TUNS Gateshead 8th August; SEAHOUSES SC 15th August; WHITE SWAN Ovingham 18th September 2015
“Great set list & on top form xx
(Gill Ward) … “Great as ever boys. Good to see you, it's been too long! (David Curran) … “Great bunch of guys” x (Annie Lee) … “I had never seen DIABLO for a while - they were spot on last night. Cracking stuff.” (Anthony Hughes) … “Awesome night at the North Sunderland FC fundraiser. DIABLO NORTHEAST totally made the night! Thanks for a great night at Seahouses, we raised £4668.00 for the football club, all the best and hope to see you all again soon” (Phil & Dina Hutchinson)... “Saturday 8th we have DIABLO surely one of the best bands to come out of the North East. Check out their cover of The Stereophonics latest single.” (Three Tunes Website) … “They certainly are. If you’re looking for anything then DIABLO NORTHEAST are not what you’re looking for. However if you’re looking for a bit of class, an abundance of good looking blokes and professionalism with rock god voices to match then they are certainly the North East’s first choice in amazing bands x ” (Jan Smith) … “DIABLO played our wedding night and from the second song in there wasn't a person sitting down. Great band, lovely people you won't be disappointed xx” (Kirsty Robson)






“It was fantastic! Thank you for closing out the festival with such an awesome set – this was the best Saturday night we have had since we started!” (Andy) ... “We hoped to be there but the online tickets sales said you were sold out when we tried for tickets at 2pm! Gutted!” (Lesley White) … “Loved DIABLO’s set, gutted that we missed the last few songs especially Avicii cover, heard it as we ran to the platform for the last train!” (Louise Parker) … “ A good day was had by one and all but I've got to say Diablo's performance was very impressive. The venue, the set up and the good crowd, were all spot on. You even had my 2 mates, who were still there, up dancing. Tremendous show and superb performance. PS with the 60th anniversary of Eurovision this year, do you think that you could you squeeze in a rendition of Ireland's greatest ever entry, "My Lovely Horse"?! (Geoff Tait) “We thoroughly enjoyed the gig last weekend.  The band was excellent and fully met the ‘headline’ criteria in our view.” (Ian Burnett)



“Excellent night” xxx (Trish Mcardle) “We met last night at The New Inn, Hetton. What a fab night, thank you, the band was brilliant! Definitely want to book DIABLO!” (Gillian Adams) - … “Been a while since I saw you with always being away grafting but you’ve still got it!” (Mark Turnbull) … “Amazing band in Bedlington! Diablo Northeast. Done Cory Taylor proud!” (Paul Waite) … “Another great gig!” xx (Victoria Ross) … “DIABLO are fab! It was lovely to meet you all tonight, band were amazing! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!” x (Laura Percy) “Had an amazing night last night dancing and singing with Diablo Northeast. Fantastic band and fab people!!!! Thank you guys!” xxx (Lindsey Waite)







"Fabulous set tonight @ Poachers lads, really enjoyed it!"
(Ralph Teasdale) "First time I've seen DIABLO, they were brill - loved it! (Susan Bird) "I've seen them. They are awesome." (Kerry Bavin) "They sure are!!" (John Jobling) "Great night at The Golden Lion with Diablo playing! Fantastic, as per usual." (Christine Hutchinson) "Great night!" (Simon D Bates) "As always Totally agree love Diablo" (Alison Hughes Douglas) "Fab nite as usual, suffering this morning tho ha ha" x (Simone Carson) "Great night, great company, and great band as usual, we should do it more often." (Michael Hodgson)


"Listening to Stereophonics - Just
can't stop thinking I'm listening to
Diablo Northeast!"
(Fay Brent) "Thank you very much to DIABLO for raising the roof at Mr Ant's tonight, you did a cracking job" . "Great night, thanks to all." (Geordie Nairn) "Great night lads cheers!" (Steve Tweddle) "A great night as always Diablo rock!" (Andrea Williamson) "I always have a great time at DIABLO gigs..... I shall be tracking you down again very soon!" xxx (Stephanie Grant) . "Great time had by all! I can't believe I have to work today when I am more than a little hoarse (neigh!) from the infamous Mr Brightside!" xxx (Jane Netts) . "Great night. Sounded class tonight lads. Always a great night out watching Diablo Northeast." (George Anderson) "Finishing the night off at Champs with the brill DIABLO Northeast." (Kathleen Laidler)






"Thank you Diablo for playing at my party and for being your usual fabulous selves! All the guests were full of praise for you, and I am sure will be coming to see you again! You helped make my night special xxx
(Helen)  "The Shipley-Armstrong house is very fragile this morning. We all had a fantastic night and special thanks to Roy Woods for being entertainment manager booking DIABLO Northeast who are brilliant!" (Vicki Shipley-Armstrong)  "Just wanna say a huge thank you to everyone for coming last night, I had the best 18th birthday ever & DIABLO were amazing!" (Elisa Shipley-Armstrong)  ""Subdued" is brilliant - they're really good aren't they?!" (Claire Beales)



















"We've seen DIABLO a number of times over the years, and we headed off to New Hartley to see them. We have raved about DIABLO in our gig guides, and this gig was no different to their impeccable live performances. DIABLO are a brilliant live act and if ever you get chance to go and see them then you should. Davy Peckett has one of the best voices we have ever heard and the tracks DIABLO play, including the likes of Kings of Leon, Stereophonics, Snow Patrol and other songs, are played superbly and their rendition of The Killers 'Mr. Brightside' always brings people to the dance floor. Having said this, the truly excellent tracks of a DIABLO set are their own, with a range of styles from the up tempo 'Spit upon the Ashes', to the slow melodic 'Runaway' (see DIABLO's VIDEO page) and if you are ever at a gig and see them perform 'Only Fools Reign' you'll be left awestruck, as it is one of the truly great songs you will hear. It's not played often, and there's story to the song that was written in tribute to a close friend who's passing left a hole in his life, but when they do, the passion in the performance is breath-taking. The banter between the band is superb, often with Davy being the butt of several of the jokes, most often lead by dad Dave. The band are all sublime musicians from the superb drumming of Dave (and it's not only the drum kit he plays... go to a gig and you'll see); the lead guitar of Anth is excellent and his flamenco style on Runaway shows the depth of his styles; and finally Davy, who's passion for the songs, his guitar play and more importantly his vocals, are truly outstanding. The band have released several albums, which have rightly received critical acclaim and another is currently in the pipeline. This is a band that put on a great live show, incorporating their own songs that are as equal to the covers that they play and if you get the chance to see them, then we would 100% recommend that you do." (Gigit Northeast)





THE GRAPES HEXHAM - "Brilliant night! Thanks loads lads!! (Grapes Hexham) .... "Had a freakin' blast! LOVE your originals! Had them for yonks but still listen to both albums at least once a week! xx (Siobhan Doherty)... "Fantastic gig from DIABLO! (as usual)  and a surprise when Davy asked me up to join in on "Last Chance" (from his solo album) that we haven't sang in about 6 years!!! Xxx (Samantha Hutchinson) ... "Last Chance" Brilliant, guys!" (Douglas Field) ... "Taxi home from club tonight talking acts, taxi driver says only decent act he he's seen is DIABLO!" (Tony Hall‎)



















HOUGHTON BUFFS - "First gig in over 6 months for DIABLO here at The Rock of the North and what a gig! Gear was all in early and checked before most of the audience turned up, credit to the sound guy, the audio was balanced and set spot on from the opening chords of 'Lonely Boy' through to the echoes of 'Go Your Own Way'. Quite a bit of new stuff in the set, we hadn't heard U2 from the lads before and there were a couple of good, original songs in there too. Another good crowd in too, lots of new faces, plenty of the Herd there to keep them company; Diablo are one of the best supported bands by their fans, who follow them around the circuit and all know how to have a good time. Playing songs from The Stereophonics, Killers, Kasabian, The Automatic, Kings of Leon & Muse, the band not only gave us a great night, they seemed to be enjoying themselves whilst doing it - everybody wins. Look out for them here later in the year, and go see them if they're playing near you - always worth turning out for. DIABLO have played some stunning gigs here in the Rock of the North; Diablo have released several albums, and their music has been played on Radio 1 as well as being very popular on the 'net; their own songs stand up very well alongside the covers they perform and has earned them standing ovations in the Buffalos in the past. An excellent live show from a great bunch of lads.." (Buffs website) ...




WOODEN DOLL - "Top night, good atmosphere, cracking lads, can't ask for any more. Thanks. If you got any dates later in the year! (Paul Mordue Manager) ... "Awesome! Can I buy your album?" ... "DIABLO Northeast just played their heaviest ever set as they kicked ass at The Wooden Doll!! (John Jobling) ... "The words are swimming in front of my eyes but DIABLO were awesome!! Had a fab night." xx (Sarah Leighton) ... "Pretty Excellent xx" (Audrey Moore) ...Of videos taken - Indian Summer - "great voice, great effort" ... "Good version 10/10 for keeping your music up to date" and from The Stereophonics office (!) " Hello, thank you for sending it in. Nice cover! Take care" (Natalie @ Stereophonics HQ)



POACHERS COTTAGE, CALLERTON - " Great gig as ever last night. The band is just getting too popular, could hardly move!" (Kathleen Laidler) ... "Another rockin night with Diablo! Best birthday in a long time!" (Theresa Baines) ... "Great gig last night at Poachers with Diablo Northeast! Was chocka! Mr Brightside. Just the best song to end with!" (Julie Anderson) ... "Had a fantastic night seeing DIABLO - go see them if you get the chance, they're awesome!! Loved Through Glass and Mr Brightside. Will definitely be back to see you guys again." xx (Sarah Leighton) ... "Kaiser Chiefs? I know which one I am going to. Saw The Chiefs once - that was enough. Seen Diablo about 50 times they still amaze me!" (John Jobling) ... "DIABLO , Great band, great stage presence - No sleep !!!!!" (Keith Barrett) ... "Good variety of style, excellent stage presence and interaction with the audience, dedicated following and lovely, friendly guys and versatile. You would have really enjoyed it' Go DIABLO!" (Margaret Dunne) The management actually admitted to turning 50 people away as there were no tables to sit at!!"













BUFFALOS CLUB, HOUGHTON - "We always enjoy having their high energy Indie set here at The Buffalos Rock Club. The band have had the roof off the place that often there's a clause in the club's insurance policy about them. Some of their own exceptionally good material as well as tracks from The Stereophonics, Killers, Automatic Kings of Leon & Franz Ferdinand make a perennially popular gig with lots of travelling supporters. DIABLO brought their Indie show here to the Rock of the North on 14th September. Always a pleasure to work with, the stage was set up by the time we arrived at 7 o'clock so a minimal amount of the night was wasted listening to sound checks. The place was packed, DIABLO always bring a legion of fans with them, and it was Drummer Dave's birthday with a cake and goodies plus lots of well-wishers there to cheer the band on. The audience were up and partying - mimicked by the band on stage who seemed to be having their own celebrations. As always, a thoroughly enjoyable evening from one of the most original bands around. " (Dave Fulton) ..."Glad you enjoyed it, you are special people who gave touched people lives in different way and have so many great fans because you are who you are. Brilliant night as ever." xx (Kirsty Robson)

PELAW INN, GATESHEAD - "With DIABLO, you don't just get the music, you get a show! Singer is an absolute artist, what a talent! The whole band are just brilliant - never seen anything like it" ... "Was having a miserable day for my birthday and was just going to go to my local - I am just sooooooooooo pleased I came to see DIABLO at Pelaw - fantastic, made my night" (Annie) ... "It was great seeing the band having a bit of crack on stage, everyone clearly loves what they do and I thought Davy put his heart and soul into both gigs.  Thanks for the compliments on the dancing, sometimes I think i look like an idiot but a) who cares and b) that's just the effect DIABLO has on me." (Michelle Coleman x)





THE STAR, NEWCASTLE - "Just got in from DIABLO gig at The Star - what a sticky pub - but they always shine at The Star! LOVED the cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep - that was special. (Denise x) ... "Brilliant DIABLO night tonight - fantastic set, great crowd, super venue - see you next time!" (Amanda) ... "Fantastic night, DIABLO were fabulous." (Sue Wellington xxx) ... "Great new set list. The new songs rock and compliment the old favourites. The band were rocking like. Even Dave Drums playing through the backdrop falling on him! What a trouper! (John Jobling) ... "Great gig, loved the new 'Phonics songs!" (Katrina Sales) ... "Couldn't have been more impressed by DIABLO last night. Thanks guys for a class show and happy 400th gig! You were just brilliant. (Ursula Trolan  x) ... "Been listening to your new CD I got off you in the Star Friday night. I love it, 4 rockin' new tracks as well as the two revamped old favourites that I can listen to again & again & again. It was a really good gig as always! (Dave Jardin)



HOUGHTON LE SPRING - "On Friday 2nd December, DIABLO started the run-up to Christmas with a stunning set here at Houghton Buffalos. We love this band, they always bring a good audience with them who know and appreciate their music. Last Friday they played a track off their first album, not normally in the set, because they'd been specially asked for it by a couple in the audience. It's little touches like that that are appreciated, bands being aware that they're there to entertain the audience. Entertained we were too, from 9.15 until 11.40 with a break barely enough to catch your breath, the show seemed to fly over. Tracks from Kasabian, Stereophonics, Killers, Kings of Leon & Black Sabbath(!) were interspersed with their own material. 'Runaway' as always stood out to me, it has developed every time I've heard it and still forms a personal highlight of the set for me. If these guys are playing near you - go see them, you won't be disappointed." (Dave Fulton)


THE LOCHSIDE, NEWCASTLE - "Just wanted to say last Saturday at the Lochside was great night. Me and the Mrs went along  and took our neighbours along to lose their DIABLO virginity. We all thoroughly enjoyed the night, and as you could probably tell after your 3rd encore. You might get tired of Dakota, but I must say it is an absolute classic track that everyone knows, and as you guys do it better than any local band I've ever heard, it's always a great way to round of the night. I know you've done your mid session drum break within Green Day's "American Idiot", for a while now, but I for one, never tire of it.  It is so unique and a change from the regular routine of bands simply belting out the hits or a guitarist giving off a mega strum. It always amuses me when you see the faces of others who have never seen it before - LONG LIVE THE DRUMS! Get another gig sorted again ASAP amigo! (Mark Bastin) ... "DIABLO ... just gotta love them ♥ (Annie Lee xxx)







GOLD MEDAL, GATESHEAD - "The place was full of a mixture of diners and a whole raft of DIABLO fans - some who had been bussed in from Prudhoe and Hartlepool with visitors from London and Southampton!  The band kicked off with a rip-roaring "Uprising" which made many of the diners and 40th and 60th Birthdays revellers at the back, stop with food half way to their mouths as they realised what rock music was all about. The guys raced through their first set with Davy in fine voice. They brought out some old favourites but the highlight for me was the first live performance of "Sigerson".  This has been released on the new Diablo CD and is picking up rave reviews everywhere.  No wonder! - to me this is one of the best songs Davy has written.  Excellent lyrics with some fine guitar playing from Tony, backed up with sympathetic bass and rocking drums! A real tour-de-force. The second set really took off as the DIABLO faithful packed into the small area in front of the band to move their bodies to the new version of "Maniac" as well as those classics that DIABLO have made their own "Mr Brightside", "Human" and of course "Dakota".  But the biggest surprise was a song I never thought I would hear DIABLO ever perform - Paranoid!!  Yep! - the Ozzy classic in all its glory.  They announced it as the Queens Of The Stone Age version, but I have heard the original and this is nailed on Sabbaff.  You must catch the boys to hear this...it tore the walls down!! As always, whatever the venue and whatever drawbacks it may hold, DIABLO manage to overcome them and make the room their own"  (John Jobling)



HOUGHTON BUFFS - "A hugely respected band here at The Buffalos Rock Club, not only for their stunning performances covering indie bands like The Killers, The Stereophonics & Muse, but their energy and commitment which betrays a real passion for music. These guys couldn't give the show they do unless they loved what they do. I always plug their performances of their own material, last time Diablo played The Buffalos they received a spontaneous standing ovation for their performance of one of their songs, "Runaway". It still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when listen to it and easily stands up with any song you'll hear played any Friday night in the Rock Club. Come along and be amazed. The band have always put a great show on for us, the first show of 2011 in the Rock of the North was DIABLO and at the time we predicted it would be in the top 5 shows all year, and to date it's definitely still up there. How many bands have the self confidence to open with one their own tracks, from an album yet to be released? From there they went straight into Muse's 'Uprising' which started the sing-a-long and it rarely stopped all night. With young Davy encouraging the nearly full house to sing along, the crowd had a great night. The dance floor was full, they were dancing in the aisle, on the seats at the back and I even noticed the bar staff dancing behind the bar. I think you could say DIABLO were well received.  (Dave Fulton)





POACHERS COTTAGE, CALLERTON - "Amazing night xx" (Julie Murray) ..."Was such a lovely night. DIABLO just keep getting better and better. We really enjoyed the evening and all felt a bit croaky from what can only be described as squealing and squawking for the majority of the evening!  The North East's best ever rock band!!! xxxx (Lucy Hearn) ... Amazing night, thanks for such a brilliant time x (Rachel Purdy) ...  Mint night, as ever x (Kirsty Ayton) ...  "You were all brilliant - I had THE best time! and came away a HUGE fan! (Amy Smith) ... Had a fab Nite with Diablo at the Poachers, gig was brilliant and the new song was very unexpected but brilliant." xx (Amy Gunter) ... "Decided to go and see DIABLO tonight and ended up playing an original DIABLO song with them ("Spit Upon The Ashes"). Awesome!" (Dane Curran)



THE GUIDEPOST, GATESHEAD - "Bar staff mentioned they have ran out of beer tonight and they all said everyone has been talking about DIABLO all week and they are getting the night off next time we play ... "I'm not surprised the place was jumping - Good music, great musicians, everyone merry. Great night as usual, can it get any better?." (Kathleen Laidler)






PELAW INN, GATESHEAD - "There's a band playing at The Pelaw Inn next Saturday called DIABLO. They've been an AlterNation featured band and I have a couple of their CD's, they're fantastic. If you fancy a good night out, go there!" (Eugene Speed) ... "I've seen DIABLO play before they were great (chrisbeersuk) ... "Thank you for a fantastic night at Pelaw. You never fail to deliver!" (Lizzy Rayner)

BRANDLING VILLAS, GOSFORTH - "Had a great night at The Brandling Villa, guys. Hope you asked for a % of the bar takings - it was heaving! xx (Claire Burn) ... "We had an amazing night last night and we'll be along to see you again in March at Westmoor! Looking forward to it!  Love x (Fiona:-)

NEW INN, HETTON LE HOLE - "Great night @ the New Inn guys! Bloody bril!" (Andrew Nelson) .... "DIABLO always rock my world.. wish I could see them every week but I think I would get arrested for stalking them! lol" (Annie Lee) ... "My most favourite drummer, anyone who can play a Green Day song like you did gets my vote! I had a fabulous time last night, DIABLO are awesome and I shall be telling anyone and everyone who will listen!   I love seeing live bands and will come and see you all whenever I can. The music you play is right up my street and I always have such much admiration for musicians, especially ones with such talent. I look forward to seeing you all again soon, and shall be listening to my new DIABLO album in the interim." (Charlotte)








COMRADES CLUB, HOUGHTON LE SPRING - "We were at the Buffs gig last week, just to say what a gig it was! Sue and I see many bands we agree DIABLO are one of the best bands in pub and clubland. we travel all over the north east to see gigs, the money we spend on taxis  would fund a small country for 12 months! No matter when we see DIABLO - it is money well spent. The folks at the Buffs Club  made comments of the highest order,  "what a band!", "the best gig we've seen!", "what a voice Davy has!", "hope these lads are back soon", all heard while you guys were on stage. We wish you all well." (Steve & Sue Atkinson) ...."DIABLO played an absolute blinder and raised the roof at The Rock of the North. The lads ran through a superb set of indie rock that had the crowd singing and dancing throughout the set. One of the few bands on the circuit whose own material stands up on its own merit. Guitarist Anth did excellent work on both electric & acoustic geetars, and played like a veteran. Giving an excellent musical performance, all the band have tremendous stage presence, and always seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. DIABLO were entertaining both visually and musically - the jury's still out on the jokes though...!!" (Dave Fulton)


THE STAR, NEWCASTLE - "DIABLO were pretty brave playing The Star the same night England kicked off their World Cup campaign!  They had to have their gear set up and soundcheck done and dusted by 7.00.  Then Dave Drums had to dismantle half his kit from in front of the big screen. Match over, a full and drunken (to be honest you could add raucous) crowd of regulars, football supporters and Diablo Virgins waited for the band to kick off.  Were they rusty after a 90 minute plus wait sitting around? Had they hell....! After their entrance music faded away, Dave Drums counted in and BAM!!! Davy kicked into the opening bars of Muse's "Uprising".  This was rock music at its wildest and best.  The waiting, the frustrations of hanging around while "that" match finished....blasted out as Davy snarled the words, The Bass did what it should and grounded with the drums to make The Star crowd LISTEN!!  DIABLO's first self-penned number was "Say What You Wanna" and I have never heard it played so tightly and with such power.  The first 4/5 songs raced by in a frenzy, the crowd singing along to the ones they knew and even the one's they didn't.  Not until Davy sang a solo tribute to Stuart Cable the ex- Stereophonics drummer who passed away a week ago,  a very apt and moving version of "Maybe Tomorrow" did the tempo slow down.  One welcome surprise was a new cover of "Bartender & The Thief" with some terrific heavy riffing on lead guitar. As always at The Star with DIABLO, they took no interval so Davy went for broke, the usual favourites Human, Sex On Fire, the terrific DIABLO composition "Runaway", with some exquisite acoustic finger picking, and it was good to hear the song he usually performs as a duo with Adam Lee, "Take It All" done with Davy on his own - He held it together superbly.  Dave Drums did his solo on drums and bass (it has to be seen) after Davy had put some REAL venom into the ".... 'F**k America' line in American Idiot!! Before we knew it "Mr Brightside" had filled the dance floor and then gig was ending. Well what do you think?  Then it was over ... only a crowd singing DIABLO's version of "Dakota" to close it all off.  Football match???  What Football match?" (John Jobling)



THE LOCHSIDE, BENTON - "Great gig - me and Trish had a fab night.  I think Trish has just about finished saying how much she luvs Davy and how great she thinks he is etc. You went down a storm with the locals.  One of the older lads gave you a 9/10 (very impressed with the bass guitar drumming) and thought Davy was amazing switching instruments and vocals etc - Excellent stuff."  (Mark Bastin)


HEWORTH GOLF CLUB, GATESHEAD - "Fantastic night! DIABLO really know how to entertain a crowd even if  you've got to take your shoes off to stand on a chair ha ha!! You were  fantastic - spot on vocals and the band is some thing else. Dave (drums) special touches are a must see. I'd recommend any one to  go see this band. Well done - a cracking bunch of lads." (Kirsty and Dave).... "Thank you for putting on a great and entertaining show for us. It was a brilliant night, described by someone as' best band we've ever had at the Club'. Another comment was to made to the Chairman, 'this is the way forward for the Club, get great bands on and it fills the place'. Everyone had a great night, had loads of great feedback and I'm sure you'll be back here soon. I've been to many, many nights up the Club, but I was watching the crowd, and it did seem different, they were more vocal and dancing in their seats, it was more like a live concert than any other band that's been here, brilliant!" (Dave Ingle, Club Captain)



DIABLO - THE STAR, NEWCASTLE - "Fooking amazing!! Brill night out... next time gonna get there early to get to the front..."Runaway" is mesmerising! ... "one of the best Diablo gigs ever" ... "it was fantastic night , the atmosphere was electric. it was even better than new years eve brilliant ...  "I've never seen The Star as packed people dancing from the first song to the last song, was awesome, the gaffer  said it was the best night he'd ever had ... "a cracking nite, really enjoyed it" ... "Thank-you for an amazing night!"


DIABLO - PADDYWHACKS, SUNDERLAND - "Can I just say your band was absolutely brilliant. Definitely one of the best bands I've seen in there. Top class!" (Brian Tyson); "Had to write and thank you all for a great night last Friday. The two best gigs I've seen this year were both DIABLO, The Vane in the summer, and then this one. Loved the Diablo song "Runaway", and "Human", not a song I like that much - sounded great!". (Kev Waddle); "Excellent last night guys!! Loved my hugs and kisses off drummer!! xx (Debra Kernen); "Me too! You were brill and we had a really good night. Hopefully see you again soon xxx" (Joanne Dodds); "Would first like to say you are a great band, seen you on Friday in Paddywhacks in Sunderland. I also have bought your album! (Jonathan)

DIABLO - THE NORMANBY, MIDDLESBOROUGH - "Are these a chart band doing an anonymous warm up gig before a tour? Unbelievable."


DIABLO - THE STATION, KILLINGWORTH - "I have been meaning to catch up with Diablo for quite sometime now, but it seemed that whenever Diablo were within the JPJ staggering radius, I was somewhere else! Last night however, the gods conspired to put both Diablo and me in the same place at the same time and wow I’m pleased they did. One criticism that can be levelled at the local scene is the sameness of the set lists, but Diablo are the exception which proves the rule. Firstly, they mix their own original material with selected covers which are drawn from the indie end of the musical spectrum. Secondly, they deliver their music in an edgy, almost aggressive style which demands the audience’s attention. Starting at the back, Dave Drums provided the solid rhythmic canvass on which the band members could paint their individual musical picture. Mastering complex rhythms with apparent ease, he even squeezed in a musical drum solo, though if he ever try’s doing that to one of my basses then he’s in for a hell of a shock. All in all, an amazing performance from one so young…  Front man Davy strutted his stuff with a confidence belying his youth. He thrashed his Firebird to an inch of its life, played keyboards with consummate ease. But the standout was definitely his vocal work. What a range this young lad has and he falls into the category of truly musically gifted. Mrs JPJ was well impressed by both this young man and the whole band, and believe me gentlemen, this is praise indeed as she is a tough critic! All in all, a cracking night at the Station. If you haven’t seen Diablo yet, then get yourself along to see them. On the basis of last night’s performance, you won’t be disappointed." (Kev J)




DIABLO's appearance at Newcastle's Carling Academy to a full house raised a lot of eyebrows. Alongside the ever reliable DIABLO-Pack members who came out in their droves, there were a lot of new faces in the crowd and many more who had come to see The Wholigans. Feedback was really positive:

"DIABLO were spot on as they showcased their own material. A good crowd in for them, and they no doubt won over a few more admirers!"

"Both bands were excellent!"

"I've put DIABLO on my "to see" list as I only caught the end of their set, but they really had the crowd on board."

"I only caught a couple of songs by DIABLO but they definitely went down a storm. All top quality musicians and real showmen – I’ll have to check out a full gig of theirs sometime soon."

DIABLO - THE STAR NEWCASTLE - "Loved it at The Star tonight - you were brilliant. Bands there normally play the same old boring stuff from 30yrs ago. The place was heaving. Despite what appeared to be the local party going on in front of the band, I loved Kaisers, Green Day, Killers and wish I had got there earlier. Drummer was brill especially when he played on the guitar. Going to bring a crowd to The Gold Medal. (Val Campbell)

DIABLO - SLEEPERS, BOLDON - "Loved the gig! Great fun, good bunch of lads, and some lush indie-styled song choices that you don't get to hear from too many other bands. A truly invigorating breath of fresh air." (Colin Smoult)

DIABLO - THE GEORGE STEPHENSON, WEST MOOR: "Been wanting to see DIABLO for ages and finally got to see them last night. Got to say well worth the wait!! Great mix of covers and originals and a great sound - top night!! Punters standing next to me were commenting that the originals were very good and I must agree. I'm listening to the CD " A Violet Scent Of Rose" now and its fooking excellent!! Cheers fellas!!" (Big Vern)

DIABLO - PEMBERTON, COLD HESLEDEN: "First appearance at the Pem. last night. They don't play the usual run of the mill stuff. Instead, Diablo treated us to something different -   numbers by Nine Inch Nails, Killers,Stereophonics, etc. plus some of their own stuff. And very good too.   If you fancy a change from the usual rock covers etc. go and see them!! Very good musicians with a father & son combo on drums and guitar respectively  Good luck with your Album." (Big Ginger Gits) 

DIABLO TAKING IT TO THE BRIDGE! (Bridge Hotel, Newcastle):  I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say the "taking it to the bridge gig" was a fantastic night & the band were on top form!  I for one hope you don't leave it long before you do another "own stuff" gig as it was fantastic & I'm sure you're starting to realise that everyone wants to hear your original songs more than the covers. Lets face it, The Killers, Muse, Green Day etc have had their day in all our record collections & there is only one CD that's getting played in my house! Thank you Diablo & c u all soon! (Paul Reay)

DIABLO STORM THE FLEECE: "After Stormin the Castle, Diablo have now gone on to storm the Fleece tonight! What a great night. A funeral party was in sitting at the far end of the room (all due respect to them), and by the end of the night they were all up dancing, if I had not seen it I wouldn't have believed it. It was a great night and if you haven't seen DIABLO, make a point of it. Love the singer's gravelly voice." (Linda Cross)

DIABLO - STORMIN' THE CASTLE!: “The band that had the unenviable task of kicking off the proceedings was DIABLO. I have been lucky enough to review them previously and although they play mainly their own stuff, it is just so catchy and welcoming that sometimes you forget that you haven't heard their songs before. Davy is on vocals. Well, I say vocals, but this guy is multi-talented and was a superb frontman, vocalist, guitarist and keyboards as well, in fact, at one stage I'm sure I saw him sweeping the stage!!  Along with their own stuff, they added “Monster”, “Creep”, “American Idiot”, along with superb compositions which seemed to go down very well and bring in more and more people song by song. I know Nige was especially taken with 'Spit Upon the Ashes' and he was even singing along at one point - and he wasn't even pissed yet! And this is the icing on the cake for me, ‘cos not only are these guys good musicians, they fall into my 'nice' category. Hence it was MY pleasure to have my picture taken with THEM. A really down to earth good bunch of lads. Had a lovely chat with the guys before Nige dragged me off to stuff his face with a massive hot dog? Actually, I fancied a large sausage myself." (Val & Nige, RIFFS)

DIABLO - STORMIN' THE CASTLE: "Being the first to play on the main stage on the Friday is undoubtedly the toughest slot of the entire weekend. People are still arriving and the first band is essentially the ice-breaker to warm people up and get them in the mood. Variety has always been the key element to the formulation of the line-up, and what DIABLO brought to the table was just that, with their own unique 'indie' styled musical slant that certainly set them apart from the majority of bands playing this weekend.  Once into their opening number you got a real taster of the vibe & direction of their music. Diablo play a selection of their own tunes interspersed with some modern indie-rock anthems, and the band used this brief time-slot to showcase a slimmed down version of their usual show. The first thing that hit me was their quirky & highly animated singer/guitarist. He's a real character and a great focal point for the band. His facial expressions & jerky body movements suit the music so well and bring a strong visual element to the group. Some songs were their own compositions, and they worked well as good live tunes. The music had plenty of energy, propelled further by the singer's unbridled enthusiasm and boundless delight of being up there on stage. Their own songs fitted in well alongside the covers, with the style coming from a similar background to the indie chart tunes that they were playing. It was Diablo's first ever visit to Stormin' and they did extremely well. The keyboards gave their self-penned numbers a marvellous 80's retro feel, and Diablo's own songs came across as well-written, I know that the band were trying to push their new album full of their own material. Fair dues to the band for having the balls to try something a bit different, and apart from the main headline acts they were one of the few groups to actually play some of their own songs. They band were certainly something fresher for this rally, and they added a character to the line-up all of their very own."  (Colin Smoult)

DIABLO - STORMIN' THE CASTLE: "Diablo are a fantastic band with an awesome lead singer/songwriter in Davy Peckett. Their live shows are superb and their new (self funded) CD "A Violet Scent of Rose" is amazing. This band definitely deserve wider recognition that just here in the North East." (Davy Potter)

"Saw Diablo at their debut gig for Newcastle, the Star Inn. The place was heaving, had to drink beer from a straw as you couldn't lift your glass. I imagine being in this band would be an absolute blast, their performance was just electric, full of passion and packed with fantastic songs in an amazing set list. One of the few local bands which pen their own material, their own stuff sounds like a cross between Kelly Jones and Bloc Party, very modern and sits very easily in between their covers of Muse, Killers and Stereophonics. It's a complete privilege to see a band this fantastic in a small pub setting, with a lot of luck their own material will get realised, until then if anyone likes modern music and hasn't already seen them, you'll not be disappointed. In a local scene jam packed with amazing bands, Diablo are the best we've seen."  (Buckowski)

"Wow! Well done! Good job! One of our finest - fabulous top band - you can see them everywhere! Check out DIABLO!" (Alan Robson, Metro Radio)


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