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DIABLO 2019 - Latest news!




What a busy period for DIABLO!


A series of packed houses so far this year and the “Screaming Out” album getting more great reviews every month! We’ve added to the merchandise range available at all gigs to include CDs, guitar plecs;

caps; t-shirts and more ang gig enquiries are pouring in.


In the coming months, we look forward to appearances at Stanley; Seghill; Walbottle; Gosforth; Haltwhistle and we have several festivals to do including the Beer festivals at both Gateshead and Tynedale.


Looking forward to seeing you soon!






























(April 2019)e 2



DIABLO - 2019!

If it’s not too late, Happy New Year to one and all!!

DIABLO were fairly and squarely back on the road November to January, with packed venues and great receptions at venues old and new including Redcar, Walbottle, Chester Le Street and Killingworth. Following a great mini-tour of Tynedale taking in Ovingham, Hexham, Corbridge and Allendale, we’re delighted to announce that we have been asked to headline Tynedale’s Beer & Music Festival on Friday, 14th June at Corbridge Rugby Club.


Supporting the new album for 2019, “Screaming Out”, we now have a range of merchandise including t-shirts and caps with more to come - along with CDs, they can be bought at all DIABLO gigs. The album is getting rave reviews and one of the tracks, “I’m Unknown”, was BBC Radio 2’s Introducing song of the week! A typical and welcome review came in January from Andy Jennings of GigIt Northeast – the North East’s premier music and gigs website:

Screaming Out Review - A masterclass in song writing and music - something for every taste.

Diablo were one of the first bands taken in by GigIt Northeast some 8 years ago. Drummer Dave was known to Mrs GigIt and we headed out to take in their gig. I was immediately taken in by the sheer rawness and passion in the music played, more especially their own original music.


Davy Jr has a knack in taking life trials and experiences and putting them into great songs, but not only that the band gel, formulate those songs and create something special - all topped off by the musicianship and especially Davy's vocals, which sound like the finest malt, matured in a gravel quarry.

Diablo have released a number of albums over the years, all of which I heartily recommend you check out and can be bought via the band or downloaded. Those albums over the years have produced some highly rated tracks, not least "Spit Upon The Ashes", "Runaway" and a personal favourite, "Only Fools Reign".

Diablo's albums have in the past received rave reviews and have topped the unsigned album charts on a number of occasions. Their latest release, "Screaming Out", represents a new step. There is a new maturity to the songs, a completeness; and whilst retaining the rawness of life, the songs have come together in a manner that is just brilliant.

You can never pigeonhole Diablo, it's one of their redeeming traits, being comfortable in playing in any style or genre and they have demonstrated this over the years. In their "Screaming Out", they have pulled together a set of tracks that jump from indie, anthemic sing-alongs, synth-pop to new wave punk and yet it flows as if they should have been put together ages ago - it is an album with something for everyone.

From the opening title track, you are grabbed by the scruff of the neck and led through a journey of life, all driven along by Davy's riff laden guitar, quickly followed by two great indie rock tracks of which "Go To War" is quickly becoming a favourite.

"The Story Begins" highlights just how well Diablo pull together and play songs, a total jump from the opening songs of the album, we arrive at a synth-pop-rock song that takes you back to the '80s and will have you singing along in no time, all driven along by the drive of Davy Senior drumming; I have no doubt it will become a firm favourite at their gigs.

In "Crawl" and "Joker's Quinn" we have two slower tracks that reign you back after the drive of the earlier tracks and continue to show that Diablo are not just about intense indie rock. Both great tracks that showcase the bands ability to lead you down paths of intricacy and passion, with "Joker's Quinn" an absolute belter of a song that rivals "Runaway".



(January 2019)e 2



DIABLO- New Album Out In October!


Here's an advance live performance of "Paranoia" from "Screaming Out":

Sorry, your browser does not support plug-ins.



(September 2018)e 2



DIABLO - Onwards and Upwards!


Well, after Dave Drums’ ongoing Churgg Strauss issues last year, singer Davy then got a mysterious stomach problem that raised itself every time he sang! So, we had to take an enforced break, and thankfully, investigations revealed nothing nasty. So with some trepidation, we played the Gosforth Innovations Festival in July – and it was great! Our next full gig is at a new venue which we’re really looking forward to and that is Sat 18-Aug at The Golden Lion, Corbridge NE45 5AA (NB Not the Allendale venue of the same name where we’re playing later in the year.) Then it’s back to local ground for us on Fri 14-Sep The Crown, Whickham NE16 4DT.

However, we haven’t been devoid of music this last few months, Davy has completed writing the next album and we all think, after rehearsing some of the tracks, it’s the best one yet! We actually played one of the cuts - “Go To War” – and it's had over 1600 plays via DIABLO’s Facebook page and YouTube. The album (as yet untitled) will be recorded at Trinity Heights between 13th and 23rd August.

We’ve also agreed to play The Gateshead Beer Festival next year. Sorry for the pun, but you can’t keep a good band down!!

Photos: Thanks to Paul White / Art Of Noise.




(August 2018)e 2



DIABLO - The Year So Far - Annus Horribilis!

Dave Drums has explained his illness for the last six months which has kept him in the background of things and unable to play. As if this wasn’t enough, long term DIABLO sound engineer Kev ‘Good Guy’ McBride decided to retire but was unable to give us any notice. Both of these headaches caused us to reschedule gigs and hastily rehearse new songs, rearranging some old favourites at the same time, to become a three-piece acoustic / unplugged DIABLO!

But out of all negatives come positives and DIABLO never remain inactive for long! Current gigs and those for 2018 are being handled by five great new PA lads, all doing a fantastic job for us. After a short learning curve, the DIABLO Unplugged project has resulted in some fantastic music and some great gigs – thanks to everyone who has supported us during this difficult time. The live videos of the boys on YouTube / Facebook etc, have been viewed nearly 17,000 times!

The “Going Forward, Looking Back” recordings are not yet out on CD but have proven very popular as downloads / streams with nearly 500 being sold so far. Two tracks were played mid-October by DJ Jonathan Clark – believe it or not on St Helena Radio in the South Atlantic! The good news for 2018 is that Davy has written all the new material for the next album already! Bassist Frankie DIABLO has written a lovely country song “Old School Photo” (catch it on YouTube) and Davy produced the video of it. So many rock heroes have passed on this year, including Chris Cornell and Davy DIABLO’s tribute video has been viewed almost 2000 times.

So despite everything, we’ve still been busy and had some fab shows including Innovations and Kielder Festival appearances alongside venues in Consett, Killingworth, Allendale, Hexham, Washington, Whickham and Newcastle. We’re not playing this New Year’s Eve – we’ll probably need a lie down! The gigs for the rest of the year – onwards & upwards! – are:


Sat 18-Nov   Poachers Cottage, Callerton NE5 1NQ

Fri 24-Nov    Blacksmiths, Gosforth NE3 1HD



Sat  2-Dec    The Baltic, Gateshead - PRIVATE FUNCTION

Sat 9-Dec     The Lochside, Newcastle NE7 7SD

Fri 22-Dec    The Station, Killingworth NE12 6RA

Sat 23-Dec   Golden Lion, Allendale NE47 9BD



(November 2017)e 2



DIABLO - Dave Drums update!


I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone for making The Crown gig which was also my 70th birthday so brilliant. It was an amazing night surrounded by our fantastic DIABLO pals, neighbours, friends and family – never seen such a crowd in The Crown before, so please come again in 2018 at The Crown, Whickham NE16 4DT on Fri 16-Mar and again on Fri 14-Sep.

It was the pick-me-up the boys and I needed with two family bereavements in that week alongside the ongoing battle I have with Churg Strauss Syndrome Vacilitis which I acquired in March. It essentially paralysed my hands and arms leaving me with no sensation in either. All the things I loved shot out of the window – I couldn’t walk, drive, do my garden, write or play drums. It seems a statement of the obvious, but you don’t realise how much you need your hands till you lose their use! What hurt me most, was that I couldn’t look after my wonderful family, they had to nurse me – and still do!

Six months down the line, I still struggle with the side effects of the medication I am taking – fatigue, putting on two very unwelcome stones in weight and the whole surreal feeling of being comparatively useless! But on the positive side, the medication and the physio and hospital support I get is easing things a little and I certainly feel better than I did six months back. I can type with two fingers (!); walk a few miles and at least can shower and dress myself albeit with one hand. I push myself as much as I can, to do a little more every week with jobs around the house and garden, both in a limited way.

I wanted desperately to play drums for everyone with DIABLO and I practiced daily for weeks to be able to get the strength in my arms to do that – and hey presto, I managed to play seven songs! OK, not with my normal energy – I was wrecked afterwards – but it gives me hope for the future – I still want to be a pop star when I grow up!

So thanks sooooooooooooo much everyone for you amazing and heart-warming support, I am blessed to know you.

Much love always, Dave Drums DIABLO xxxx



(September 2017)e 2



DIABLO - Dave Drums sidelined!

Unfortunately Dave Drums has acquired an inflammation to his hands and arms which leaves him no sensation in either.  He is under a recovery plan which will take up to 6 months, so in the meantime, rock gigs are being rescheduled and Diablo will be performing an exciting new unplugged/ acoustic set as a trio.



(April 2017)e 2





DIABLO - Davy solo gig!


Davy has been asked to help out with a short spot at a charity function in February, so pop it into your diary if you can.


Anth will playing as well at this largely unplugged concert for Grace House Short Break & Respite For Young People at The Hetton Centre, Hetton Le Hole on Saturday February 11th between 7.30 and 11.00.


We hope you can come through and support this wonderful charity.




(January 2017)e 2



DIABLO - Happy New Year Everyone!


And we hope you had a great Christmas. We had a near 300 crowd at Champs Sports Bar New Year’s Eve Night (AND we’re already booked up there for 2017!); over 300 for The Carts Bog Festival in August and nearly 2500 for our headlining Tynedale Beerfest show in June, so we enjoyed 2016 a lot! There were shows at six new venues last year and we look forward to five more in 2017.




Davy’s added a Les Paul guitar to some of the songs lately and he’s been busy doing a voiceover as Batman’s nemesis “The Joker” for a class of students doing an animated DC show for which they got top marks! If you’re a DC comics fan, ask him to let you hear but be very afraid! Outside of music, Tony continues to run all over the north east doing double marathons and anything else! Frank builds things – like conservatories and everything we need for DIABLO – he’s the man!


We loved recording the new EP “Going Forward, Looking Back” which re-recorded everyone’s favourite DIABLO’s originals and it is doing well on download and streaming websites. The silver disc version will be out soon. The one-off recording of “Uptown Funk” for a large national company’s promotion was great fun too. So stick with DIABLO for year twelve and dare we whisper it Dave Drums will be 70 years young in September! The world’s oldest living, Neanderthal indie-rock drummer in the world!




(January 2017)e 2015)




Very happy Christmas from DIABLO to all our fantastic friends and thanks for your brilliant support once again - roll on year twelve in 2017!

Thank you too, for supporting our latest recording the EP "Going Forward, Looking Back" and we wish you all the best for the new year!

Davy, Anth, Frank & Dave xxxx

(Thanks to Fiona Philips for the nice photo)



(December 2016)e 2






We had a fun time at South Shields in our first visit there for a while; we headlined the Friday at Carts Bogg Beer & Music Festival in Langley; a red hot bank holiday at Cullercoats and enjoyed Aimee’s 18th party at Tow Law among several gigs during holiday period. Our version of “Uptown Funk”, commissioned by a large local and national company was nominated for an award in the Digital Media category at the Institute of Internal Communications National Awards, so that was nice! After years of trying, we have persuaded Davy, in his solo spot, to do his version of the classic “Handbags & Gladrags” (check out Videos page)


Remaining gigs for 2016 are:


     Sat         22-Oct         Poachers Callerton NE5 1NQ


     Fri          11-Nov        Blacksmiths, Gosforth NE3 1HD


     Sat         12-Nov        Cleveland Hotel, Redcar TS10 1SQ


     Sat         26-Nov        Golden Fleece, Silksworth SR3 2AJ


     Sat         3-Dec           The Star, Newcastle NE1 1SQ


     Fri          9-Dec           Houghton Comrades DH4 4AT


     Sat         10-Dec         Golden Lion, Allendale NE47 9BD


     Sat         31-Dec         Champs, Washington NE37 1LE


The best news of all of course, is that we have finished recording our EP which we have called “Going Forward, Looking Back” with brand new recordings of everyone’s favourite DIABLO original songs through the years. These will be available on CD early 2017, but for now the tracks are available on Diablo’s website; Apple Music; ITunes in fact all of these download sites:





The recordings are already getting great reviews so thank you! From great Australian guitar player Kim Humphreys: “You've got to be happy with that drum sound! Great vocals and bass as well and the mastering is excellent!” and from American surf legend guitar player Davie Allan, “The recording sounds great, I wish I could sing raspy like that!” Sheila Collins said of the new “Can’t Rain All The Time”(Only Fools Reign)” … “Love them. They always look like they are having a great time too!” Gig It Northeast website’s Andy Jennings added, “Absolutely love this band. Davy has a great talent for writing songs and a great voice. There's a heart wrenching story to the song and it can be felt in the lyrics and the way it's sung. If you ever get chance to see Diablo Northeast, then they get a Gigit Recommended and a Must See.” Lovely Jo added, “ Jo Jennings Thank you Davy, love this song and reason behind it.....who needs X- Factor? This song and you wipe them off the stage. One of my ALL time fav songs.”



(October 2016)e 2






We had a great time at  Redcar; Ryton; Gosforth; Pelaw and Allendale and an amazing Tynedale Beerfest for the third time (have a look at FEEDBACK and VIDEO pages to share the fun). It was a shame that another mini music festival at Prudhoe was rained off but we’ll be there next year! The rest of summer sees us with three new venues in a row; a return to an old favourite at Prudhoe and a special 18th birthday party in Tow Law (check out the GIGS page!).


Have a great Summer musically and otherwise!





(July 2016)e 2





2016 started well with great returns to old favourite venues at Silksworth and Prudhoe; a cracking gig at new venue for us in Stanley; a fab Cancer Research fundraiser in Seghill and a packed Easter house to celebrate the second birthday of Champs at Washington.

Had some lovely and welcome comments this quarter like the fab line from Vivienne Straughan Burgess who commented, “Who needs Celine Dion in Vegas when we have DIABLO Northeast in the Seghill Comrades!”. Long term pal, Eleanor Kate Smith added, “Listened to some quality music tonight, by the one and only DIABLO Northeast.  DIABLO holds a special place in my heart, I've known and listened to them for over 10 years now. I did work experience at NWL when I was 14 and I worked with Davy for a day, he built me up and told my dad (his boss) how bright I was, that meant a lot. Even before then I went to DIABLO gigs, first local gig and it was great. Thank you for all these years of fantastic music and memories! x” Had another fab event at Washington’s gig, when live on stage, from the audience, Tom got up and proposed on one knee to Anna who thankfully accepted! We wish the happy couple all the happiness in the world. Another first for DIABLO!

It’s taken a while, but we said we were back in the studio in December for the now available free download “Far Less Than You” plus one other mystery song. A large, locally-based national company, commissioned DIABLO especially to do a version of one of today’s biggest dance tracks, the original of which, has had over one BILLION views on YouTube; received a Grammy award and was single of the year in 2015!  (Sadly – as yet – not our version but the original). We really had to stretch ourselves as this song, is way, way out of our normal genre.

But, we’re all very pleased with our own indie-rock DIABLO-take on it and it’s produced by Fred Purser former guitarist of Tygers Of Pan Tang and Penetration. So here it is for you to listen to and enjoy – let us know what you think and stay funky with DIABLO!


April / May sees us back at Callerton;  Redcar; Ryton; Gosforth; Springwell; Hetton; Newcastle; Pelaw and Allendale.

Have a great Spring musically and otherwise!



(April 2016)e 2





And sorry it is belatedly said! We’ve had a busy spell since November with things good and bad! The bad first!

Our website wasn’t updating as fast as usual but George who maintains our website put in a bravado performance with computers new and old to get us back on track after a lot of hard work. An accident at home, smashed our keyboard! This meant rearranging the set list quickly!

Dave Drums was caught in a waist-high flood in Northumberland (the river broke its banks later that day!) before Xmas, and his much loved 2002 Citroen Picasso had had to be written off. Dave said, “Best car I've ever had after 150,000 miles and 600 DIABLO gigs!”.

Now the better things!

The exciting news is that DIABLO went back twice into the recording studios in December! A large, locally-based national company, commissioned DIABLO especially to do a version of one of today’s biggest dance tracks, the original of which, has had over one BILLION views on YouTube. We really had to stretch ourselves as this song, was way, way out of our normal genre. But, we’re all very pleased with our own indie-rock DIABLO-take on it and it’s produced by Fred Purser former guitarist of Tygers Of Pan Tang and Penetration. Can’t say what it is just yet, but we’re hoping to have it on FB and YouTube in a few weeks. A few days later, we reworked DIABLO’s original “Far Less Than You” from 2007’s “Violet Scent Of Rose” album, updated in a slightly faster Ska/rock version and this is available as a FREE download - just go to our HOME page and click the Download option at the foot of the page.

Livewise, gigs went well with shows at The Star Newcastle, Blackhill Club, Newcastle’s Discovery Museum; Champs Sports Bar in Washington; The Blacksmiths in Gosforth; Hexham’s Mr Ants Wine Bar & The White Swan at Ovingham.  Onwards into DIABLO’s eleventh year, when we will resurge some old favourites including more DIABLO originals (102.4 FM Radio Hartlepool played “Subdued” from the first album in January) and if you have any requests for our live shows, just ask and we’ll get onto them!

Forthcoming gigs:

       Sat         13-Feb     Adam & Eve, Prudhoe NE42 6NP

       Sat         20-Feb     The Royal, Stanley DH9 0JQ (new venue for us)

       Sat         27-Feb     Golden Fleece, Silksworth SR3 2AJ

       Sat           5-Mar      Seghill Comrades Club NE23 7TQ

                                         (Fundraiser For Cancer Research)

       Sun        27-Mar     Champs, Washington NE37 1LE



(January 2016)e 2






October was busy with six gigs including a tremendous time at a new venue for us – The Queen’s Head, Cullercoats – and ending with a fab Halloween at The Cleveland Hotel in Redcar – hence the scary band photos! We attended the funeral of our DIABLO pal Dane Curran but tried to celebrate his life at a later gig where Davy performed a fitting tribute with his version of Green Day’s “Time Of Your Life”. It was videoed and sent to Dane’s family and friends via Facebook where we were humbled to see that it has been viewed over 3,500 times.

As 2015 – DIABLO’s tenth anniversary year – comes to a close, we have a number of private functions to play for plus three of our favourite venues: Fri  20-Nov The Star, Newcastle NE1 1SQ; Sat  28-Nov Champs, Washington NE37 1LE and Fri  18-Dec  Blacksmiths, Gosforth NE3 1HD With – so far – over 30 gigs pre-booked for 2016, we hope for another bumper year, so stay with us!



(October 2015)e 2015)





DIABLO had a quiet Summer compared to previous years but holidays and work commitments played their part. We had four cracking gigs culminating in a packed return to Ovingham where old pal Adam Lee from China Drum joined us for “TIA”. But it’s the lull before the storm with Autumn / Winter looking very busy. DIABLO’s Race For Life Girls confirmed a fundraising total of nearly £4300! The Gateshead event itself  raised over £92,000 with our wonderful girl pals raising over 4% of that total. Dave Drums thanks everyone for the happy birthday messages! And congratulations to Steve our former bass player on his engagement to Nichola! The new social media videos on Facebook have already racked up over 3000 plays for DIABLO – with Davy’s solos especially! Next year is shaping up nicely gig-wise and we are already signed up for New Year’s Eve 2016! October’s schedule is at the time of writing:

     Fri           2-Oct     Poachers Cottage, Callerton NE5 1NQ

     Sat          3-Oct     The Guidepost, Springwell NE9 7RR

     Sun         18-Oct   Queens Head, Cullercoats NE30 4QB
   NB 4.30 START

     Sun         25-Oct   New Inn, Hetton DH5 0AB 
 NB 5.00 START!

     Fri           30-Oct   Private Wedding Party, Longhorsley

     Sat          31-Oct   Cleveland Hotel, Redcar TS10 1SQ



(September 2015)e 2015)




All in the DIABLO family were shocked to hear of the passing of one of our long term, and much loved pals Dane Curran, who died from a motorcycle accident on the weekend.

We first met Dane and his family in Allendale when he was just 14 - he saw DIABLO and then bought a Gibson SG guitar like Davy's and began
playing music himself, forming his own band Big Leg. He guested with DIABLO whenever we bumped into each other, playing rhythm guitar on
"Spit Upon The Ashes" on a number of live shows. Dane saw us many times and we became good friends with him and his Mam and Dad. Dane was a creative and imaginative photographer who we used many times for our photo-shoots and he always came up with the goods.

Dane passed away after a tragic accident aged only 21. He requested to be an organ donor which will help several people in due course. Our thoughts are with his family. We shall miss him always.


(20 September 2015)




Here's Davy with his new "loop pedal'! It allows him in his popular solo spot, to play live and record at the same time, a whole series of sections of the song, which then keep playing back as though he is a one-man band! So when, you next see DIABLO - we are hoping to debut this piece of kit at The White Swan gig September 18th - watch how it cleverly comes together. A quite complicated process!

Davy points out - it is NOT backing tapes!!





(September 2015)



Photos above and below courtesy Victoria Ross


This last couple of months, newer DIABLO covers like The Stereophonics (not yet released!) “I Wanna Get Lost With You”; “Psycho” from Muse’s #1 album “Drones” and REM’s “Losing My Religion” have proved very popular alongside DIABLO originals “Far Less Than You” and “Runaway”. But it’s the old favourites like “Mr Brightside” and “Last Night” that have had phenomenal plays on Facebook recently with over a thousand views for each! After a series of packed houses at Hetton, Redcar, Whickham, Benton and Heworth, June finished with a spectacular sold-out crowd at Corbridge’s annual Tynedale Beerfest, where DIABLO performed to an ecstatic crowd of over 2500! (See Photos page!) The holiday season is upon us, and DIABLO will only be playing once in July – The Star, Newcastle (Friday 17th) – so hopefully we will see you there.

Photo courtesy Judith Miller



(June 2015)e 2015)



Photo by Alan Cooke-Duffy


As  DIABLO (Northeast) celebrate their 10th anniversary this year the guys reflect how blessed there are having an army of female followers of all ages! Many of DIABLO's girl pals and relatives formed TEAM DIABLO to do The Race For Life to help fundraise for Cancer Research after friends of the band sadly died. Drummer Dave explained, "We have all been touched by loss from cancer, both from relatives of the band members and also from dear friends who have been supporting us from day one. Spearheaded by Marie and good pal Amy Gunter and so many other wonderful ladies, they formed TEAM DIABLO back in 2012 and raised a whopping £2500 to go towards this worthy cause. They did it again in 2013 with an even better £3500! This year, with contributions from supportive companies like Holland & Barrett's Healthy Hope, The Metro Centre Gala Bingo and Northumbrian Water, the girls expect to make almost £5000. That is a figure of nearly £11000 in three years!" Dave added, "What was heart-warming was that virtually everyone in every venue we have played this last three months approached us with a contribution and told us of their own sad losses. We have no doubt that TEAM DIABLO will be back next year!" After the race on Sunday 7th June at Gateshead's stunning Saltwell Park, DIABLO's singer / songwriter Davy Peckett said "What makes Diablo Northeast amazing, is simply the fans that come and see us time and time again......and then all combine and have a cup of tea to form an amazing team of their own raising thousands for charity! Team Diablo rocked today, well done everyone, we are so proud of you!"


(June 2015)




Three enjoyable gigs in April are followed up with four in May then SIX in June! Thanks to our regular snapper John Jobling for his excellent photos at our outdoor session at Allendale. He does the impossible - he makes us look good! We're updating the set list as you can see, with no less than five new songs, and more on the drawing board. May sees DIABLO at Washington, Hetton, Redcar and a wedding party in Jesmond. Frank is settling in nicely and enjoying DIABLO music and thanks to everyone who has recorded mobile videos with the new line-up.

DIABLO's girl pals and supporters are going great guns with their fundraising for The Race For Life Against Cancer in June (more participants always welcome) - TEAM DIABLO is up to almost 30 runners & walkers and nearly £1,500 has been pledged so far. Special thanks to all our venues for allowing the girls to collect, much appreciated.



(May 2015)




Well, March was a bunch of mixed feelings - our great pal and founder member Steve left after nearly ten years and we welcomed Frank helping us out on bass. Steve's last two gigs at Hexham and Winlaton were justifiably packed with thankfully Frank's first two at Gosforth and Washington similarly so. April started with a bang at  Jade & Matthew's wedding gig at Newton By The Sea. Further gigs include returns at two of our favourite venues - The Poachers Cottage at Callerton at The Golden Lion at Allendale so come if you can!



(April 2015)




The early part of the year saw great gigs at Allendale (lovely Helen's 50th - thanks for making us so welcome); a rocking and busy Guidepost Springwell (despite Dave Drums being riddled with the dreaded winter flu!); great fun for a joint 18th & 50th for Elisa and Tony at Milbourne Arms in Holywell and a new venue for us The Denton, Denton Burn where we saw many old friends. March sees Stevie Bass's last gigs at Mr Ants, Hexham (6th) and The Vulcan, Winlaton (7th) so please come along and make them special for him. We also have in March visits to Gosforth and Washington with our pal Frank depping, so again, if you're free to do so, come along and make him welcome to the DIABLO family. If you can support or join in with the DIABLO girls Race For Life plans (details further down the page) then please do.


(February 2015)




The big news is that after over nine years with DIABLO, founder member Stevie has announced that he is leaving DIABLO in March to pursue other things. We are really gutted to lose our bass guitarist who has done every gig of the 520 we've done; his bass playing is much admired and his famous "Spit Upon The Ashes" 'bass tattoo' (on You Tube) is always a highlight among many, in DIABLO's shows. Steve is much more than our bass player - apart from being a great mate, he has assumed the mantle of DIABLO's electrician, DIY king, spares consultant, lights expert and gosh knows what else, so we don't have to tell you how much he will be missed. He is always a keen supporter of TEAM DIABLO's fundraising efforts and he does a ton of work for the Tiny Lives charity.  Steve is taking a short break from music then no doubt a supergroup like Rush or Yes will be chasing him! We hope to keep you informed of Steve's next music activities and wish him all the very best for the future. The good news is that he will still continue to guest for DIABLO from time to time.  Our good pal Frank Young (ex-KIP) and currently guesting with other bands, has agreed to deputise for us for the time being. With a heavy gig schedule looming, we are confident at this stage, that no 2015 gigs will be affected other than in some cases rescheduling, but would ask for your patience if not all your favourite DIABLO songs are included with every show - we have an equally heavy period of rehearsal ahead!



(Febrary 2015)





TEAM DIABLO are back for 2015 and have five recruits already - Marie, Amy, Celia, Elaine and Samantha who are signed up for this year's Race For Life Against Cancer on 7th June at Saltwell Park, Gateshead. We're joining to remember our late friends, including Margaret who did the race with us, and who all received treatment for cancer and battled it bravely and courageously. TEAM DIABLO have done two events so far in 2012 and 2013, raising over £6000 thanks to our fantastic team of great ladies. So here we are on the recruit for ladies to join or for sponsorship we appreciate all support in any form. If there are any ladies out there that would like to join us you can at the Race For Life website (details below), select the Gateshead 5k event, enter your details and select join as a team, please use Team code VE7008, on the next screen it will confirm you have joined the team and then you can complete the application. However if you would like to sponsor us you can using this link, thanks for reading. xx


. Group name: Team Diablo

. Group ID: VE7008

With your ID, you can ask every friend, colleague and family member to make a difference and take part in the fight against cancer. The link that takes them straight to the entry form is:

Race For Life

DIABLO members will of course be on hand to support the girls and cheer them in. One final thing! Don't be put off by the word "race"! You are very welcome to walk the beautiful Saltwell Park grounds if you don't feel up to running! In fact, many will end up doing just that!



(Febrary 2015)



First and foremost - Happy New Year!

December was a busy and really fun month with two great shows at Newcastle and shows at Allendale; Consett; our 500th gig at Whickham and a lively new year at Prudhoe. We're looking forward to 2015 a lot, because it is DIABLO's 10th Anniversary! Our first gig together was a sell-out gig at Sunniside on August 31st 2005. The year promises a mix of returns to our most favourite venues; a series a private parties for really good DIABLO pals and a number of brand new venues where we haven't played before - that's always exciting. So expect to see the band in Allendale; Byker; Denton; Hexham; Gosforth; Redcar; Winlaton; Hetton; Callerton; Washington; Whickham; Corbridge and Newcastle among many more. Stay with us again, it's gonna be a great year!

For January we have a private party in Allendale and a return to the excellent Guidepost at Springwell.

(January 2015)



As the end of 2014 approaches, we hit our busy period - we had five gigs during November including a wild night with Blackhill Bounders Running Club; a brilliant Poachers Callerton with the added bonus of shell-shocking Steve (Bass) with a surprise party to celebrate his 50th Birthday, with guests from far and wide; a great Halloween night at Forest Hall and a lovely wedding for Gemma & Craig at Doxford Hall. December is no less busy with six gigs (and we could have played the same again with December enquiries coming in!). For December, the big one is Friday12-Dec The Crown, Whickham NE16 which is DIABLO's 500th gig! We started at a sell-out gig in Sunniside in 2005 and here we are 499 gigs later two miles down the road! Despite successful visits to Birmingham, Liverpool, Carlisle and Border country, we love it best at home! It would be great to see as many pals from these gigs as can make it - thank you all for your astonishing support of DIABLO! We continue with an 18th birthday for young Dan at Consett; a Xmas Party at the mighty Newcastle St James Park; a much looked forward New Year's Eve at Prudhoe Golf Club and two rock gigs at two favourite venues - Sat 20-Dec The Star, Newcastle - no doubt our Xmas party complete with funny hats! Then our post Xmas Party - Sat 27 -Dec Golden Lion Allendale! And January brings us the start of DIABLO'S 10th ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR! (Well sort of!)

(December 2014)


With the back-end of band holidays, just two gigs in October - a cracking gig in Cleveland being a highlight. We have five shows in November with four of them being parties. The Forest Hall one is open to everyone so please support their Help For Heroes campaign. Sat 1-Nov Forest Hall Social Club Newcastle NE12 9DQ 268 1197 (BIG CHARITY HALLOWEEN PARTY!) the rest are private which only leaves the excellent Poachers Cottage, Callerton gig on Fri 21-Nov as a circuit gig, so please come along - there's always surprises at this venue. Christmas not far away now and lots of enquiries and gigs in December and the whole of 2015 - DIABLO's Tenth Anniversary Year!

The DIABLO family gets bigger! Congratulations to lead guitarist Tony (and Sarah) on the arrival of son Isaac Thomas on 13th Oct; Dave Drums acquired a new great nephew in Marshall Thomas Brophy so all good wishes to Candice and Brendan and fab news from long term DIABLO pals Andrew and Joanne Thompson with the arrival of Sophie Thompson-Diablo (of course!)

There's a new rehearsal video of DIABLO's cover of The Killers "When You Were Young" (see VIDEOS page).

Everyone knows our fab Kevin on sound desk but if Kev is not available we use our friend Martin Mason whose rehearsal studios we have used many times in the past. We were shocked to hear that Martin had a heart attack in October and he is currently recuperating at home after release from hospital. He is sensibly taking a break for the imminent future to rest and get his strength back and we all send him every good wish for a speedy and full recovery.

(October 2014)



Just two September gigs, both crackerjacks! Blacksmiths at Gosforth was packed - with people unable to get in once we had started - and Allendale's
Golden Lion was equally packed and much thanks to the lovely Louise, Stephanie and Richard for looking after us with the best hospitality we have
had in ages! We took a mobile phone video of a revisit to Placebo's "Bitter End" while we were there (see VIDEOS page). And our gorgeous pal Sam
Hutchinson guested on vocals with Davy on "Time Of Your Life".  We take a short break now for Tony to welcome his second child, so with enquiries pouring in for next year, here's the rest of 2014:

      Fri 24-Oct       Honest Boy, Washington NE37 1LL TEL 416 0413
      Sat 25-Oct      Cleveland Hotel, Redcar TS10 1SQ - TEL 01642 484 035
      Sat 1-Nov       Forest Hall Social Club Newcastle NE12 9DQ 268 1197 (BIG CHARITY HALLOWEEN PARTY!)
      Fri 7-Nov        Private Party, Ramside Hall Durham
      Fri 21-Nov      Poachers Cottage, Callerton NE5 1NQ TEL 214 0417
      Sat 22-Nov     Private Party, Blackhill Consett
      Sun 30-Nov    Private Wedding Party, Northumberland
      Fri 5-Dec        Houghton Comrades Buffs Rock Night DH4 4AT - TEL 584 1123 (As the diary stands now, this will be DIABLO's 500th gig!!)
      Fri 12-Dec      The Crown, Whickham NE16 4DT TEL 4881567
      Fri 19-Dec      Private Xmas Party, St James Park, Newcastle
      Sat 20-Dec     The Star, Newcastle NE1 1SQ TEL 261 5688
      Wed 31-Dec   Prudhoe Golf Club New Year's Eve Party Bash!

(September 2014)



The exciting news is that after our support slot at June's Tynedale Beer Festival, DIABLO has been asked to headline 2015's event on the Saturday night! It's a great night in front of thousands of people and we're delighted to have been selected again. August saw three new venues at Byker, Winlaton and Washington, all fun as ever, and special thanks to Michael and Staff at The Vulcan Winlaton for their very kind hospitality - we're back there in March 2015. Also much thanks to Paula and the crowd at New Inn Hetton - a small venue but dynamite welcome always. Videos are still popping up (check out VIDEOS page) and thanks to Nichola Davies for DIABLO's live version of "Mr Writer" (we recorded a rehearsal version.) Davy did a rather nice 'selfie' after he was asked to do an acoustic version of The Foo Fighters' "Best Of You". Thanks a million to Tamzin White and Kaitlyn Brandford for more great videos. In September, we visit two great venues - The Blacksmiths at Gosforth which is always highly charged and a return to our favourite village, Allendale at The Golden Lion where we haven't played since 2007. We are looking forward to meeting the new owners and hopefully a packed room. DIABLO joined the millions of other Facebook users to do the "Ice Bucket Challenge" for MN Disease - you can find the fun results on Facebook - or just ask for the link and we'll send you it. On a personal level, Dave Drums goes in for (minor) ear surgery in September (too much drumming no doubt!) and after Allendale we take a month out for paternity leave, while Tony (lead guitar) welcomes his second child with Sarah. Good luck to them both!

(September 2014)




On the back of June's big appearance at The Tynedale Beerfest, we travelled to another profile appearance at Haydock Park near Liverpool where DIABLO closed the show on the main stage during an afternoon where thousands of people paused to enjoy the music in a family fun day for the NHS. Newcastle and Prudhoe were fun as always. August is pretty much holiday time for the boys but we still have four gigs including three new venues which we are all looking forward to, so why not check out Gigs page and pop along and check them out? New song "Fever" is going down well and in the absence of any big chart indie hits right now, we are enjoying bringing back into the set, some early days DIABLO favourites for a new 2014 run-out! Davy is well underway with original songs for next year's "tenth anniversary" album which will take us into the recording studios again in late 2014, early 2015. We're hopeful of new merchandise for next year too - DIABLO caps already modelled!

(August 2014)



May saw us at two great venues in Gosforth and Redcar before a blast that was June! New venue Hastings Arms brought us a fast return to Seaton Delaval and a visit to New Hartley Club for a fab night and some glowing reviews; then we played Tynedale Beer & Music Festival to over 2000 people; it was a joy being at Stuart & Louisa's  wedding at Dissington Hall before a packed Poachers Cottage gig at Callerton where we celebrated Dave Drums & Marie's 40th wedding anniversary with loads of photos and videos (see VIDEO page). July sees us back at The Star Newcastle, a private party at Prudhoe and our longest trip for a while for a gig at Haydock Park! Enquiries are (pleasingly) pouring in for 2015 and we are considering lots of them as we speak! Any venues wanting to book ahead - please get in touch quickly! And, for the New Hartley gig, we had a lovely review from local (and excellent) North East Music reviewers and supporters, GIGITNORTHEAST - thank you soooooo much! Check out FEEDBACK page!

(July 2014)


March and April saw cracking gigs at Springwell, Washington and Hexham. We spent a while rehearsing during this period to introduce some new party songs to the set (check out VIDEOS page) and to bring back some old indie rock favourites. May sees us back at two great venues - Blacksmiths, Gosforth (Friday 9) and Cleveland Hotel, Redcar (Sat 10) before a very busy June! Davy is excited by his new amplifier set-up - all new technology and one of the first in the North East. On non-musical things, congratulations to DIABLO's lead guitarist Anth on successfully completing the London Marathon of over 26 miles!  "Subdued" was played on Hive Internet radio in March.

(May 2014)



(Photos courtesy Paula Brennan and Anth!)

Well, after a cracking show at "Mr Ants" in Hexham, February finished with a bang with a packed room at New Inn Hetton (See FEEDBACK pages) and a great 40th for Claire at the revitalised Consett FC function room. It was brilliant taking part - great gigs both and which triggered off several new enquiries. In March DIABLO return to The Guidepost, Springwell and a new venue for us - The Vulcan. Winlaton. Speaking of new venues, whilst we love returning to our favourite gig places, we have  nine new venues so far this year and more on the way! The oddball photos shown here (from Hetton) show Anth & Davy impersonating ...? and Kev on sound, celebrating his birthday with inconspicuous glasses!

(February 2014)


(Photos courtesy Dane Curran Photography and Victoria Ross)




January saw us at Heddon, Newcastle and a packed Blacksmiths Gosforth where we had a wild night and February kicked off with another great night at new venue Mr Ants in Hexham where we made a lot of new friends. (February completes itself with another private party and a return to one of our fave little venues, The New Inn at Hetton.) Check out the VIDEOS page for new fun videos - we've taken to recording rehearsals and live gigs now! We've snapped up some quite prestigious gigs at new venues including a Family Fun Day at Haydock Park, Merseyside - nice to play a long distance gig -  The Tynedale Beerfest and our first Xmas 2014 party at St James Park! These and many return gigs at our favourite pubs are very rewarding in light of our mention last month of a continual decline in circuit venues. It was highlighted in Facebook pages that one pub band played to EIGHT people and another to SIX people. One venue that has bands on 3 times a week have dropped to once a week; another pub which had bands on every week has dropped to once a month and a final venue have announced that unless crowds pick up, they will close down bands altogether. Other than millionaires, the rest of us are having to struggle financially, and people, in these days of political cutbacks (from disastrous government decisions made in past years - their fault, not ours!) simply cannot afford to go out as often as they used to. We can only stress what others have said - if live music is not supported, we will lose it and that would be a crying shame. As far as DIABLO is concerned, we will continue to work very hard to bring you the best in our music and stage shows to keep reminding us all that there is nothing to beat live music!

(February 2014)


(Photos courtesy Sarah Jobling)




Well, here we are in DIABLO's ninth year despite a continual decline in circuit venues and even in indie rock music which DIABLO has always championed alongside our original material. 2013 was quiet but with a lot of highs - "Only Fools Reign" was played on various world websites just over 4000 times and there were radio plays both local (thanks to John Jobling at NE1FM) and national for "Runaway"; "Sigerson"; "Subdued", "Far Less Than You"; "TIA" and "Spit Upon The Ashes" - the latter of which was also covered by a local band! We're excited with the new arrangement of "Far Less Than You" for 2014 and we shall be recording new material later in the year - Davy has already started! We made friends at new venues throughout the year at Prudhoe, North Shields, Westerhope, Meadowfield, Ovingham, Dunston and Whickham plus several fun birthday and wedding gigs and two outdoor mini-festivals at Hebburn and Team Valley. Loads of new You Tube videos were taken during 2013 and plays for DIABLO original songs and covers now exceed 50,000! The website (here!) has had over 21,000 hits since we started and with gigs coming in thick and fast for the new year, we expect 2014 and 2015 for that matter to be very busy. January sees us back at Gosforth in our first visit for a while then Newcastle with a private party in between and more to come! Davy was busy with his new software and came up with this fun PR video for our recent Allendale gig http://youtu.be/XnY7niot_VU

(January 2014)


Just a line to hope everyone had the best time at Christmas and to wish you a happy, healthy 2014.

Thanks for being with DIABLO

for another twelve months.

We look forward to your company and friendship again in 2014.

 Have a great time!

Davy, Anth, Steve and Dave -

not forgetting sound engineer Kevin and webmaster George.

(Photos courtesy Marie Peckett and Sarah Jobling)


(January 2014)


(Photos courtesy Dane Curran)




A quiet period mainly caused by a couple more pub closures and some pub landlords getting their diaries crossed with double bookings! We enjoyed another good night at Callerton, a lovely wedding at Morpeth, a really lively surprise 18th birthday party, and it was good to see some old friends at Blackhill. Despite one of our December gigs disappearing owing to a pub closure we still have five to do (might be more yet!) including four in eight days! We have Tracey & Stu's wedding party plus great returns to Allendale, Ponteland, Westerhope and the fab Houghton Buffs Xmas Party! Friends have been busy with their mobile phones with no less than four new videos - check out VIDEOS page.

(November 2013)


(Photos courtesy Nichola Davies and Victoria Ross)




Another couple of double bookings by venues resulted in rescheduled dates for 2014 but we still had five shows in September culminating with a great crowd at The Star despite (Bob Marley's) Wailers being across the road at the O2 Academy and Rod Stewart down the road at Metro Radio Arena! The new version of "Far Less Than You" from our "Violet Scent Of Rose" album with a new arrangement for 2013, is being well received and we've brought back some old favourites to freshen up the set list with lots more to come - when we can all find time to get together for rehearsals! That horrible thing - WORK - gets in the way! October sees us back to one our fave venues The Poachers at Callerton and we're looking forward to Michael and Laura's wedding at Morpeth. Oh, and we await a new date for The Lochside after October's cancellation.

(October 2013)


(Photos courtesy Nichola Davies and Denise Bedford)


Funny kind of July / August - there were several double bookings by venues which resulted in rescheduled dates for us but we had fun at our first appearance in Consett for a while; a great return to our friends in Allendale - our 20th visit there! - The Lakeside Music Festival was fun; Hetton was quieter than usual owing to peak holiday time but new enthusiastic fans made up for it! And it was good to play Whickham for the first time in ages - our local patch - well for two of us. September has one potential rescheduling but we are looking forward to three of our favourite places in Redcar, Washington, Newcastle plus two private parties. We're excited about bringing back "Far Less Than You" from our "Violet Scent Of Rose" album with a new arrangement for 2013. It's a song which we haven't done live for a while but it gets such regular Internet plays that we thought we'd update it!

(September 2013)


(Photos courtesy John Jobling and Rosie Webber)


As we suspected, June was a gig-free month with band holidays and a time for us all to catch up on things not musical. (Nice weather for it too eh?) But pleasingly, DIABLO songs and performances were being played at the rate of about 450 a week in Internet land. Thanks also to Koast Radio, (and Kevin) for playing "TIA", which they described as "one of their favourite songs of the moment".  We have three shows at least, planned for July, a new venue Sat 6-Jul The Miners Arms, Blackhill DH8 0SG plus welcome returns to The Three Tuns, Gateshead Saturday 13th and The Hillheads at Westerhope, Newcastle Saturday 20th.

(June 2013)


(Photos courtesy John Jobling and Rosie Webster)




May was busy for DIABLO, we mention again the TEAM DIABLO girls fantastic efforts in the Race For Life; an outdoor event at Team Valley Summer Fair & Festival and packed house at Meadowfield. The White Swan, Ovingham was a big success. The venue doesn't have regular bands and were delighted to have TWO in May - DIABLO, and the week before China Drum! DIABLO super snapper John Jobling's photos can be seen online at
http://johnjobling.smugmug.com/Music/Diablo/Diablo-The-White-Swan/29688827_3XC6BG.  Tynedale Rugby Club was another hugely popular show (despite Tony's amplifier collapsing for good!) and we expect more gigs in Northumberland. The Diamond at Ponteland was a wild night with a full house and we enjoyed The Tudor Rose in Dunston (nice venue and thanks to Victoria Ross for the nice Facebook photos) until some drunken dancer fell on the keyboard prompting day-after repairs! We've added some new You Tube videos from our show at Ovingham and we've even found another from 2007! We have new posters for venues! Designed by Anth and Steve, they have a simpler format than the last one since simple and clear seems to be the new trend. We've had some radio exposure - thanks to Jo Oliver at NE1FM for playing "Far Less Than You" in May and to  "The Last Exit for the Lost Show USA" who played "Sigerson" in their January Birthday Show.

June is pretty much a holiday month - we have a private party for an old pal and two of the band have holidays. For any venues reading this, there are only a couple of possible free dates during June.

(June 2013)


(Photos courtesy John Jobling)




Well the most exciting news this last few weeks has had relatively little to do with DIABLO - more to do with our girl pals! TEAM DIABLO's efforts at Gateshead's Race For Life Against Cancer event were amazingly successful DIABLO were in attendance of course, to cheer the team on and all the team completed the course in good times. The dual points of course were to have fun on a beautiful sunny day and to raise funds for the worthy cause. TEAM DIABLO excelled themselves! After raising over £2,300 in 2012, they went on to raise (at the time of writing) £3,800!!! That's a whopping £6,100 in two years - what a bunch! Check out all the great photos on TEAM DIABLO RACE FOR LIFE 2013 page here. Musically, DIABLO hit good crowds at The Star, Newcastle and the usual mad party atmosphere at Houghton Buffs (who have just booked DIABLO for their Xmas party!) before a fun outdoor event at Team Valley Summer Fair & Festival and packed house at new venue at Meadowfield. In five May dates, DIABLO include new venue The White Swan, Ovingham and returns to Tynedale Rugby Club and The Diamond at Ponteland.

(May 2013)


(Photos courtesy Joseph Moss, Rosie Webber and John Jobling)


Busy month all round! Thanks for some great DIABLO photos to the lovely Rosie Webber (good luck on your project!) and the ever reliable DIABLO snapper John Jobling, John also has come up with three new videos (see Videos page). March saw wild nights at Prudhoe for Fay, Polly and Fiona's joint birthday; a freezing cold night but welcoming crowd at North Shields; an (ahem!) crazy night at Redcar; always a fun night at Washington and a really nice welcome at a brand new venue The Hillheads in Westerhope from Shaun & Sarah. April sees the boys at two more favourite venues -The Star, Newcastle (NB 4.00 start) and Houghton Buffs before a packed May schedule. Oh, and a final reminder of TEAM DIABLO Girls' Race For Life Against Breast Cancer on Sunday 5th May. The ladies thank everyone so much (and thanks to the staff and regulars at The Hillheads, Westerhope among so many) for raising nearly £1100 so far but there's always a need for more so if you can spare a few coppers to sponsor this event, please do so.

(April 2013)


(Photo courtesy Rosie Webber)

Only one for February, but it was a crammed Poachers Cottage at Callerton - possibly the biggest crowd we've played at that venue (see Feedback page).

March looks a busy month with five shows already including a joint 18th / 21st / 50th party which we suspect will be lively and three new venues to us plus welcome returns to Washington and Redcar.

Although we have little to do with it, all our DIABLO girl pals and friends are getting excited about TEAM DIABLO's second fundraiser for cancer research - please help or join in if you can (see further down this page).



(March 2013)


The DIABLO girls are again entering a team to do this year's Race For Life (Against Cancer) at Saltwell Park, Gateshead NE9 5AX in an attempt to better the amazing £2300 they raised for cancer research last year. The 5K run (or walk) takes place at The Park on Sunday, 5th May at 11.00am.

If you'd like to be part of Team Diablo, you can sign up at the Race for Life website using the reference Team ID AG5339. We all be thrilled it if we can be bigger and better this year.

The girls will be wearing Team Diablo T-Shirts again so if anyone needs a new one or if you're a new recruit and would like one, just let Amy know via Facebook or Marie via dave2109@btinternet.com and we'll get them sorted (they are approx. £7.00 subject to confirmation of the supplier).

We have a Just Giving Page for donations for anyone that can spare any donations, doesn't matter if it's big or small even £1 makes a difference. http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/team-diablo666

Good luck girls - we'll be there to cheer you on! Steve, Anth, Davy & Dave


(February 2013)


(Photos courtesy Joe Moss)


Well there was a bit of snow about wasn't there! We had three gigs before the snow landed and they were great fun - Ponteland, Hetton le Hole and Pelaw. The next gig at the time of writing - but keep checking the website - is Sat  16-Feb  a return to the popular Poachers Cottage at Callerton before a busy March schedule. We're taking advantage of the break by researching some new - and some old - songs to add to the set. We'd like to thank Joe Moss, Cara Charlton and Gill Ward for their photos which were all great - we'll use them all on the DIABLO website in due course.. We're probably due for a 2013 photo session to get some new publicity photos but are worried now after seven years that we may need too much Photoshop-ing! Thanks to everyone for still playing DIABLO songs on YouTube and thanks too, to everyone who bought DIABLO CDs during January.

(January 2013)



We had a fun December despite being riddled with man flu!  We again apologise to the good people of Westerhope for having to reschedule our Hillheads gig until this year – we’ll make it up to you in March! Fab to see the DIABLO pack of friends out in force at packed shows in Newcastle (made up over half the crowd at Lochside’s New Year’s Eve! Our almost resident jack in the box dancer, the lovely Michelle Coleman said, “Best DIABLO gig EVER last night! What a way to end 2012 ... Here's to a great 2013! After two and a half hours of playing we agreed!) Whickham, Gosforth and a new venue in Brandon.   The Fellsider was the most bizarre gig of the year. We arrived twice! We didn’t appreciate a screened football game was on when we were due to set up, so we went home and came back again! Thanks to our amazing pack of DIABLO pals for turning up, the room was packed out but with man flu being rampant in the band, we had to radically change the set list to get through and we did! It was also Tony's 100th gig since his return to DIABLO in October 2010. (He had already done 87 shows with us from 2005 - 2007) … At The Star, Phil Hopkins said, “Watching Diablo Northeast sounding amazing as always!! ...”Through The Glass” is definitely a winner!”....  Angela Simmons-Mather added “Had a fantastic night watching Diablo at the Star, brilliant yet again!!” and Ursula Trolan was very complimentary in finalising “Was totally amazed by the awesome Diablo again last night.  I had a smashing night. Thanks for a brilliant time. Xxxx”… Andrew Blakemore said of his first DIABLO visit (The Footballers, Brandon), “Just home after popping my Diablo Northeast cherry! Great music and bizarre crack. If you haven't seen the band check out the website for upcoming gigs.. Well worth a look!”... Lovely Sheila Ryan added, “The boys always play their hearts out, that's why we love them” and Victoria Ross described the show, “Best Xmas pressie! I Love Diablo Northeast” x. We took a fun mobile video at Brandon with Kev (Sound) rescuing the mike stand during! DIABLO's rocking version of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dUMsmRAI9I&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Thanks to John Jobling for pushing DIABLO’s songs in 2012 on his great radio show for NE1 FM “Hawaay61 - Ne1fm Radio Show 6” listen to it on
http://i.mixcloud.com/CBx0uf 2012 DIABLO style will be rem
embered for wild shows at Three Tuns Gateshead in January; Seghill Club in October; Dave Drums’ 65th at Houghton Buffs in September; Davy’s 30th at The Poachers Cottage in February; The Cleveland Redcar in front of the DIABLO wild bunch among many great gigs. Offstage the boys supported charity events close to their hearts with Anth doing the Great North Run, Steve’s continuing work with Tiny Lives and of course, the brilliant DIABLO girls team who raised so much for breast cancer by running The Race For Life in May, cheered on by all of the boys in the band. The good news is that we’re doing all these things again in 2013! And if we haven’t already said it enough, have an amazing 2013, stay well and be happy. We hope you will continue being DIABLO mates again in this, our eighth year as a band.

(January 2013)


Quiet month for shows, just two - a fun first visit to Chevy's and the usual wild night at the welcoming Cleveland Hotel - but six gigs due in December in Newcastle, first visit to The Hillheads in Westerhope, Gosforth, first visit to The Footballers Pub Brandon for all our Durham friends who have not seen DIABLO yet; Whickham and New Year's Eve at The Lochside!

Everyone have a great Christmas and a happy and healthy 2013! Your support for DIABLO always amazes us, thank you so, so much. Join us in 2013 for DIABLO's eighth continuous year and our 500th gig celebrations!

Anth, Steve, Davy and Dave xxxx




(December 2012)


     Yes, a life-size photo of Dave Drums at his 65th Party

                        (Photo courtesy Annie Lee)

We had a good start to the month when we got a letter from the BBC, "We would like to inform you, Diablo Northeast's song Sigerson was performed on one of our BBC Radio Stations distributed by INMWT. Unfortunately due to podcast requirements we can't tell you when it will be played.  Thank you,  BBC Team." Frustrating, but we'll know when we get the royalties! If you didn't know, every time DIABLO original music is played on radio or live at a venue, the band gets a performing royalty. Thanks to everyone who keeps buying DIABLO original songs at gigs or downloading from iTunes / Amazon. Ally Webster writes, " Don't think the OAPs liked "TIA" when I passed by the bus stop this morning - you would be proud though, I cranked it up louder!"  We're introducing new songs all the time to live shows - three new ones made their debut in October one of which - Davy's solo treatment of Corey (Slipknot) Taylor's "Through The Glass" - has been our best received song this month. Dave Drums is trying a new (orange!) drum kit at present, which is smaller and lighter than his much loved Genista kit - at the time of writing, with mixed results! Steve Bass has treat himself to a new vehicle in readiness for winter and Anth raised a bunch of money for charity when he did last month's Great North Run - well done Anth! Several venues are still struggling so please support your local pub - as has been said many times, use it or lose it. October's venues were - with the exception of a wild charity night at Seghill - very quiet indeed. Several bands have reported playing to crowds of just 20 or 30, indeed some report playing to single figure audiences.  Two gigs so far for November, the always excellent Cleveland Hotel Redcar (worth the trip) and a new venue for us Chevy's in Washington, so if you're free to do so, give them both your support.


(November 2012)



                                                    (Photo courtesy Dane Curran)


We've been asked to do more Stereophonics songs this last quarter and have obliged which prompted a lot of audience reaction and this on Big Ginger Gits website, "I bet I've seen a dozen or so bands cover "Dakota" and DIABLO do a great "Stereophonics". Keep an eye on DIABLO's website for news of when the DIABLO New Year's Eve bash at The Lochside tickets are released - we'd love to see you there and we'll announce the tickets as soon as we hear. September was a blast with well attended gigs at Gosforth, Ponteland, Springwell and Houghton. We sold a few DIABLO albums as well! October looks busy with shows at Washington, Wardley in Gateshead and Callerton, near Newcastle plus a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support at Seghill Social Club. The enquiries are pouring in already for 2013 and we will be playing lots of new venues alongside old favourites so we're all looking forward to it!














                                                 (Photo courtesy Dane Curran)


The final word this month, goes to Dave Drums who reached 65 on September 21st! He said, "Thank you everyone so much for the cards, gifts and well-wishes for my birthday in September. Where does all the time go? I've been annoying people with my drums for fifty years now and you're still speaking to me! One of many highlights was to enjoy a meal with KIP the original progressive / originals trio I played with in the early '70s, and present me with framed photos of us all those years ago AND a re-mastered copy of our unreleased album! If I tell you Slade and glam rock were hitting heavy metal head on at the time, you can imagine how we looked - I was tripping over my hair in those days, complete with girl's floppy hat! DIABLO passed its 7th birthday in August and year eight looks to be another fun time. To play with Davy, Anth and Steve and seeing all the familiar faces at virtually every gig, has been just the best fun and there's still a lot of shows in me yet! The only thing I'm planning is to get a new drum kit of smaller sized drums 'cos the humping of gear doesn't get any easier as the years go by. In fact, I'll be putting a 'No Stairs' clause in our band gig policy! Thanks again for all your support and encouragement - unbelievable -  65 and still enjoying fast-paced indie rock of DIABLO. The gardening and the knitting needles will have to wait for a while yet! I love you all xxxx"


(October 2012)


DIABLO sound man Kev gives his enthusiastic opinion on the new song!

Thanks to our old pal John Jobling for playing DIABLO's original song, "Sigerson" on his radio show August 4th. (Tune in online to hear all of John's radio shows to www.NE1fm.net ). On the same song, Jack Booth of USA surf band "The Mariners said, "Just listened to "Sigerson".....WOW!! Love it! It starts out with a Billy Ido-lish vibe and then morphs into something more complex yet very engaging. Davy son has a great voice. I also listened to your live version of "Runaway" on You Tube. Excellent, excellent, excellent!!" ... August saw three gigs beginning at Killingworth, ("Going to see DIABLO Northeast tonight with my mama and dad should be fun always a good night when you see DIABLO -  I did it was awesome as always Vikki Armstrong xx and Linda Sennett Slater said, "Had a great night at the Station with u guys last Saturday (my hangover didn't agree though). Thanks. X" - and Pelaw and the bank holiday show at Hetton each had packed rooms.

September sees DIABLO playing Gateshead, Houghton, Gosforth and our first
visit to Ponteland.

(August 2012)


We had a fun time at Leanne's wedding in Stanley ("Thank you for a great night! I received lots of calls and text messages the next day saying how great the band was Leanne danced her little feet off she was so happy can't praise you enough. Thank you!" Leanne's Mum Jackie!)  We played a good new venue in South Shields plus two lively shows in Newcastle. (From THE STAR, Had a super time with Lucy Moffitt, Joanne Murray and Kitty Gussett watching DIABLO and dancing like maniacs! Thanks for another great night - brilliant gig!" (Amanda x) ... "Had a great night in the Star with DIABLO, loving their new covers, Coldplay cover is amazing!" (xx Amy) ... " Had a great night. Am playing the DIABLO CD's whilst doing the ironing! We'll be back! (xx Dot Fletcher) ... " From GOSFORTH HOTEL "Thanks to you Marie and the band who make us feel so special. Another great night!" (xxxx Sheila Ryan)

August has DIABLO at Pelaw; Killingworth and Hetton which we're looking forward to. There are four new mobile phone DIABLO videos on  the VIDEOS page - please have fun and check them out. Worth mentioning on the gig page is a fundraiser we're doing at Seghill Social Club in October and we can confirm New Year's Eve with DIABLO will be at The Lochside, Benton, Newcastle - great venue and fab people!

(July 2012)


Well, owing to Dave Drums surgery, DIABLO only enjoyed one gig during the month a lively return to The Three Tuns, Gateshead with a blast of new songs to the set list! Diablo pal Amanda Morgan said, "Just home from a great night out. Thank you DIABLO - you never disappoint! I LOVED the new additions to the set list!" and Nichola Charlton Blaylock added, "Diablo Northeast ..... fab night ahead!" Belated congrats to another DIABLO super pal Michelle Colman for adding £182 to Team Diablo's Race For Life Against Breast Cancer fund. The girls estimate the fund to have achieved just under £2400 which is more than amazing. July sees us at a new venue in South Shields (6th); a return to two of our fave venues Redcar (13th) and Newcastle (20th) plus a wedding gig in Stanley (14th). We understand that Sat 29-Dec The Fellsider, Whickham might be off - the pub has not contacted us to say so, but other bands are reporting being cancelled as bands are not taking off.

For fun, we've added the successful covers that DIABLO have found success with on YouTube to our regular playlist below.

                              (Photo courtesy Amanda Morgan)


(July 2012)


(Photos courtesy John Jobling)


After a busy May with some great shows, June sees just one gig so we hope you make it a special one at Three Tuns, Sheriffs Highway, Gateshead NE9 5SD, TEL 487 0666 on  Sat 23-Jun. The last Three Tuns visit was amazing so we hope we can better it again! There are always possibilities of more in June so keep an eye on the Gigs page. If we haven't said it enough, congratulations to all the girls in Team Diablo (and please check out the new page of photos of them) for raising as we speak, a whopping £2117 for Breast Cancer.

(June 2012)


(Photos courtesy John Jobling)


DIABLO enjoyed five gigs in April highlighted in great shows and crowd reaction at Houghton Buffs, a packed Cleveland Hotel, Redcar and a show-stopping 400th gig at a reopened Star in Newcastle.  Several new videos on the Video page and thanks to Annie Lee for  "Only Fools Reign" from the Houghton Buffs show -  http://www.youtube.com (Annie suggests turning volume down a little) Jo Jennings added, " DIABLO are the only band who do their own songs, that I prefer to the cover songs they do! "Only Fools Reign" and Runaway are fab! Fab band and brilliant albums - my two boys 14yrs and 5yrs sing along when their CDs are played!!

Congratulations to all our DIABLO girl pals who are taking part soon (May 13th) as 'TEAM DIABLO' in The Race For Life to support research into Breast Cancer running in pink Diablo T-Shirts and pink Diablo devil's horns! A sponsorship page was set up
http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/team-diablo with a target set to raise £100. DIABLO just stand there in amazement at the girls' efforts - they have raised over £1300 with a month to go yet! The band promote Team Diablo at every show and in a matter of weeks, has grown to over 20 strong. More ladies are joining each week  and Diablo are donating all proceeds from their latest album sales up to the point of the race to this worthy cause.

May sees DIABLO out and about five times - Fri 4-May Honest Boy,
Washington; Sat 5-May Pelaw Inn, Gateshead;  Fri 11-May our first visit to Stirling House Pub, Gateshead; Sat 12-May The Lochside, Newcastle and Sunday morning May 13th in a none-playing capacity, supporting TEAM DIABLO at Saltwell Park.

(May 2012)


John Cowling from 'The Baboons' joins DIABLO for a song and no - we're not turning country, we were just given hats at a party!

(Photos courtesy Sarah, Dane and Julie)


Four gigs in March - three of them private brings us to a mighty six shows in April in Wardley, Houghton, Benwell, Newcastle, Redcar and Hetton. We're looking forward to playing Benwell Cricket Club for the first time and to returning to The Star which has reopened after a six month refurbishment. DIABLO are behind two big charity concerns - you'll have seen earlier Steve Bass's note about "Tiny Lives", highly worthwhile and Mrs Diablo with a team of DIABLO friends have entered Gateshead's race For Life on May 13th. We had a small royalty payment from America for sales of DIABLO's 'Sickhoose' CD and "Only Fools Reign" continues to be played regularly on the Jamendo Open Wire website there. We don't get anything from it, but it's nice to be appreciated. DIABLO pals have been asking for 'new' both in songs and venues! We have five new covers on the drawing board already so they should be out there soon and new venues include Sat 14-Apr Benwell Cricket Club, Newcastle NE15 7EU  TEL 274 1222 TICKETS and Fri 11-May The Stirling House Pub, Gateshead NE8 4JJ TEL 0791 286 7490 plus Sat 29 Dec The Fellsider, Whickham NE16 5BY TEL 4888 001 - the latter venue being one we haven't played since we started in 2005! We are always looking for new places to play among our regular great haunts and we're always on the lookout for new songs - though indie music which suits our style seems quiet at the moment - we'll persevere!

(April 2012)









(Photos courtesy Dom and Amy.)


Three gigs in February and great nights all at Callerton, Springwell and Gosforth - all packed out! The Poachers Callerton was a special gig for singer Davy when we threw a surprise 30th birthday party for him and he never suspected a thing! Have a look at  the Photo page here on the website. The "Spit Upon The Ashes" video by Paul Williams  is #1 in our February You Tube plays  so thank you for checking it out. And thanks as well, to all the camera and mobile photos and videos taken this year - please send them and we'll get them on the site. There are a few more in preparation as we speak!

March sees us back at Killingworth and then there are three private gigs before a busy April and May.


(February 2012)


(Photos courtesy Dane Curran)


Gig-wise we shot ourselves in the foot having just one gig - deliberately!  The last two winters, as everyone knows were horrendous with snow and ice so we forward planned not to have many gigs this January. We didn't want to have to cancel anything and let anyone down ...... and the snow never came this January! So we had just one gig, but what a gig it was.  We've played The Three Tuns, Gateshead several times always to decent crowds and a good reaction - we did DIABLO's long sold out 'Live' album there - but equally with laryngitis affecting one appearance there, and with the live recording being tricky we were fast thinking it was our bogus venue!  With all the economic doom and gloom over Christmas, with twenty minutes to go the room looked very quiet.  Then everyone poured in!  Lots of regular DIABLO pals, coming from as far away as Allendale, we were delighted to see, and lots of new faces too.  Halfway through the set, a birthday party arrived who had booked their night especially to see DIABLO! By the end of the first very lively set, people were still coming in and this continued right through to the end giving us a packed house!  Our old (young) pal Dane Curran from local band 'Big Foot', guested on guitar for "Spit Upon The Ashes" - a great time was had by all and were quickly booked backed by the management.  A great night which resulted in a lot visits to the video of "Far Less Than You" which of course was recorded at an earlier Three Tuns appearance ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCkVLHQNYBo&feature=related )

February sees us back at Callerton, Newcastle; Springwell in Gateshead and Gosforth, which are all sure to be fun gigs.  And thanks to Kathleen Laidler and our ever snap-happy John Jobling we have four new videos for you on the video page of the website!  Please check them all out - DIABLO Unhinged should make you smile!
("Dave, you make my day love it, love it, love it LOL "(Kirsty x) ... "LOL! I love it!" (Charlotte x) ... "Lunatics!" (Caron x) ... "Class! I need to become a groupie! (Alison x) .. )


(January 2012)


(Photo Courtesy Nichola Davies, "DIABLO Live New Year's Eve 2011")

December 2011 saw our first appearance at a new venue The Ship in High Heworth - great venue but without the regular gang of DIABLO pals, attendance would have been poor with few locals, so as they say, use it or lose it! Good luck to Tony and the guys there anyhow - we'll be back in 2012. New Year's Eve at The Honest Boy was a busy night and well done to Miranda and the boys and girls behind the bar for making us so welcome and for giving everyone a great night. 2011 was a quieter gigs year than usual with 44 shows, but they were all fun and we had a great time. We did a rained-soaked Corbridge Festival which despite the weather, was a treat. Recording the well-received DIABLO "Sickhoose" CD, took us off the road for a little while but we ended up with more radio plays than we've ever had! We had plays in America, Germany, Spain and at home of course with Radio One, and stations in Lincoln, Bath, Durham, Hartlepool and Newcastle.  DIABLO have now enjoyed over 60,000 Internet plays which is nice, the most successful of which have been DIABLO originals "Only Fools Reign", "Far Less Than You", "Runaway", "Sigerson" and our cover of Michael Sembello's "Maniac"!



(January 2012)


(Photo by Tony, "DIABLO rock on the radio)

November saw well attended gigs at Killingworth, Gosforth, Pelaw, Hetton and Newcastle. December sees a return to the excellent Houghton Comrades Club (2nd); a new venue The Ship at High Heworth (23rd) and don't forget your tickets for our New Year's Eve bash at The Honest Boy, Washington NE37 1LL - TEL 431 0461. Sat 31-Dec with Free Glass of Bubbly and Free Buffet! TICKETS £10.00 from venue! There may be one or two more December gigs if we can fit them in so keep checking back. The press release on Houghton Comrades website ran; "DIABLO played the opening gig of 2011 here and it was an absolute blinder. Still featuring without doubt in the top 5 gigs so far this year and giving the band something to live up to, DIABLO knock out a more Indie set than we would normally expect here at The Rock of the North - but their commitment to what they do is unparalleled.

We were fortunate enough to have several tracks videoed at the January gig and put onto YouTube - see the band playing their own composition 'Runaway' here - a performance I don't think I've seen bettered by ANYONE since." 


Finally we'd like to wish everyone a brilliant Christmas and a happy and healthy DIABLO New Year! Thanks to everyone for coming to see us so often;
for buying the DIABLO albums and for playing our music on You Tube or anywhere in Internet land for that matter. If we don't catch you in December, we'll see you next year and our first 2012 show is Fri 13-Jan (hope that's not too ominous a date!) at The Three Tuns, Gateshead!


(November 2011)


                              At last we see Steve's real look!

If we haven't said enough already, congrats to Tony  (lead guitar) and Sarah for Olivia Grace pictured here's mouthing DIABLO's song "Say What You Wanna"! October's shows were in Gateshead, Callerton and Normanby. November sees returns to Killingworth, Gosforth, Pelaw, Hetton and a private party in Newcastle. We have tons of gig enquiries coming in for 2012 and don't forget your tickets for our New Year's Eve bash at The Honest Boy, Washington NE37 1LL - TEL 431 0461. Sat 31-Dec with Free Glass of Bubbly and Free Buffet! TICKETS £10.00 from venue!



(November 2011)


Diablo too early in the morning!

And the apology first! Regular visitors to DIABLO's website will have noted no updates for a couple of months. This was owing to a technical difficulty which proved really obstinate to correct. We're so grateful to our webmaster for the effort and time he put in to resolve this - which as you can see is done - so thank you George! Phew!

The recent Honest Boy, Washington appearance was a big success with lots of requests for DIABLO originals like "Subdued", "Runaway", "Far Less Than You" and "Sigerson" .... DIABLO pal Hazel Holman wrote, "We had great night thanks. Been missing you so much -  DIABLO therapy was just what I needed. New CD is great, been listing to it -  love you all xxxx" Simone Carson added, "Yea -  we were there and had a fab night, thanks for singing me a song! x)  Straight after the show, we were asked to do their New Years Eve gig Sat 31-Dec! Full address is The Honest Boy, Washington NE37 1LL TEL 4310461. Free Glass of Bubbly & Free Buffet! TICKETS £10.00 from the venue. It's a small, cosy pub where we've always had fab gigs. They are pulling out all stops for NYE. Tickets are limited & first come, first served basis Tickets are now available.

Saturday 10th September, we had a great time when we appeared on "saturday@breakfast with Graeme Fenwick" on NE1FM Radio 102.5. Everyone was in great spirits (despite the early start!) and as well as talking with Graham and John about the band, we squeezed in the studio (literally!) to play unplugged versions of "Runaway" and "Sigerson". Graeme said later, "Thanks to DIABLO for Saturday ... you guys were fantastic and the feedback we received following the performance was incredible ... the audience loved you!  ... great 'live' set and such fun too  - really nice guys!" ... September had three brilliant gigs at Benton, Redcar and Washington and October sees us at Springwell Gateshead, Callerton and Normanby. Please note we will not be playing The Star, Newcastle on October 8th. Apologies to  everyone thinking of coming along - the date is being rescheduled for later in the year and we'll let you know the new date as soon as we can. The main band excitement that caused this, is that as we speak, Tony (lead guitar) and Sarah are expecting their first child that week and we thought it unfair to ask Sarah to carry the amplifiers in!


(October 2011)


(Photo courtesy Neil Beadle)

August was super busy in all directions! Two gigs in one day - Main Stage at The Corbridge Festival followed by an evening in Wardley; a great wedding gig at Pittington for Debra and Neil; another packed Heworth Golf Club and a return to Gateshead's Gold Medal and three new You Tube videos which are doing well for us. We've had lots of encouraging feedback about the DIABLO 'Sickhoose' CD and September sees us out promoting it at gigs in Newcastle, Washington and Redcar. We have a potential local radio appearance coming up to talk about the band and the album too!



(September 2011)


(Photo courtesy Dave Fulton)

July saw DIABLO back on top appearance-wise, with six great gigs - Houghton and Newcastle - plus private shows at Lumley Castle, Langley Castle, Heworth and South Shields. August sees a double-header on the 6th - our slot at The Corbridge Festival followed by an evening show at The Black Bull in Wardley; we're back at Heworth Golf Club (13th) and back in Low Fell Gateshead (27th) for the first time in 18 months at one of our favourite past venues The Gold Medal AND we're looking forward to another great wedding with Debra! (12th).

The really exciting news is of course, how well the new DIABLO Sickhoose CD has been received with plays in the US, Europe and even Radio One which took us by surprise! We don't know which show but a royalty cheque turned up to prove it! Thanks to our good pal Mike Richards at Lincoln City Radio 103.6 FM for getting behind "Runaway" and playing it regularly. Thanks to everyone who have bought the CD so far and if you haven't grabbed a copy, try DIABLO Sickhoose on iTunes or see us at a gig.



(August 2011)


(Photos courtesy John Jobling)


We had three great shows in June at Spennymoor, Callerton and Gosforth - the last of which required a special approach! Davy's voice troubled him and we therefore pretty much scrapped the entire set list and brought back a lot of numbers we hadn't done for a while. "Runaway" was totally rearranged in a much more restrained version and the packed room loved them all! Phew! As the photos will show, the Nottingham ladies branch of DIABLO's fan club were beautifully in evidence at Callerton! Summer's here - 30 degrees as we write these notes and we have a packed schedule of shows for July and August including four weddings! July sees us back at the great Houghton Buffs and The Star and we're looking forward to them all. The new six track CD is at last on its way to us and it will be available on July 4th and thanks for so many advance orders.


(June 2011)


We had a fun time in May at Stanley, Newcastle and Washington - Washington's "Honest Boy" is a nice little venue just building up its music side which
needs the support of the locals, so give it a go. June sees us back at Callerton and Gosforth plus the first of several summer wedding gigs for DIABLO! We don't see ourselves particularly as a wedding band but we have NINE on the current gig schedule with more to come, so what do we know! The original "Stand Up" can be heard on amazingtunes.com and memusic.metro.co.uk while the new six track CD completed last month, is on its way to us as we speak- and thanks for so many advance orders. According to Internet plays and downloads, DIABLO have enjoyed 29,000 hits that we have found, of DIABLO original songs; a further 8000 of originals by SICKHOOSE (Davy & Adam Lee) and 4500 hits of DIABLO's live performance cover songs!










(Photo courtesy Joanne Dodds)


(June 2011)


We are delighted to tell you that the extended CD-EP we have been working on for a while now will be out at last next month! It's a bit special for us since it carries a mix of old, new and different! There are three tracks by Sickhoose - a musical collaboration between Davy (vocals, guitars and bass) and Adam Lee of China Drum (vocals & drums) which have been getting rave reviews on-line all over Europe but have not yet been available on CD. Two old favourites get a revamp - DIABLO's first ever recording "Subdued" has been remixed - and earned Jeff Lynne of ELO's comment, "Good song!". The rest of DIABLO knew exactly who he was but Davy hadn't heard of him! The beautiful "Runaway" has gone through a slight remix but with a lush new intro by Tony which lifts the song again. "Runaway" has not been available on CD since DIABLO's live album sold out and we've had lots of requests for it. Finally, and perhaps most exciting, we have a brand new DIABLO song called "Sigerson" which was written earlier this year, and carries a much bigger sound than we've had before and a lot of special effects! All tracks were done at Trinity Heights Studio in Newcastle famed for work with China Drum, The Lighthouse Family, Futureheads, Alan Clarke (Dire Straights), Toy Dolls and no less than Sir Tom Jones among many. The CD will be just £5.00 and available from all of DIABLO's gigs. If you'd like one, please let us know and we'll put one to one side for you as the EP will be a limited edition.


(May 2011)


(Photo courtesy John Jobling)

We had packed returns at Ryton and The Guidepost and a fun visit to Redcar making new DIABLO friends. The April Star, Newcastle gig has been put back till May 27th and during May we return to Stanley, Newcastle and Washington.

The new song recorded at Trinity Heights Studios is being mixed right now and will be part of a six track EP coming early June although we are pressing for May - we'll let you know!


(May 2011)


It was Steve who was unwell last month and Davy's turn this month! We apologise to all our friends and Peter at The Lochside for having to cancel March's gig - we hope to reschedule it soon. We had great returns to Gosforth, West Moor and Redcar in March plus a new venue for us just starting bands again, The Hearts Of Oak, excellent room, excellent hospitality and we hope locals will support Peter and Tracey in their endeavours to get live music up and running in Peterlee. Thanks for visiting the new Video Link page on the website here - it certainly moved our popular songs around a bit. April sees us returning to Ryton, Gateshead, Newcastle, Redcar and Normanby. Live gigs and enquiries coming in for 2012 and 2013 already! We went into Trinity Heights Studios to record a brand new song which we're excited about and will be part of a six track EP coming out very soon.



(Photo courtesy John Jobling)


(March 2011)


(Photo courtesy John Jobling)


Well, we're fast becoming the world's most tenacious or if you like unhealthy band!! The rescheduled Seghill Rugby Club was great fun but Steve bass's flu returned with a vengeance and he staggered bravely through the night! The Poachers at Callerton was great fun and The New Inn at Hetton was packed to capacity and was a huge success. As was our return to The Pelaw Inn which was heaving, but singer Davy braved that also, despite coming down with the dreaded toothache! He had to go to emergency dental hospital where (and it's NOT the old joke - it's true) the hospital parking fee was £2.30 (tooth-hurty geddit?). The brilliant Kevin, DIABLO's sound engineer of five years, celebrated his 50th birthday, so happy birthday Kev! The new Video Link page promised last month on our website here, is up and running, so please pay it a visit. March sees us returning to Gosforth, West Moor, Redcar and Newcastle plus a new venue and town for us, with Hearts Of Oak, Peterlee.

We're getting asked for more and more originals in our set which we're working on and there is a brand new song being hopefully recorded next month.


(February 2011)



After the recent "Subdued" live at The Blacksmiths video (thanks as ever to the hard work of John Jobling) here is a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation for the (due soon) new single remix of "Subdued" that we did just before Xmas which brings out a lot more than the album track from "Violet Scent Of Rose". Enjoy!  Making Of Subdued is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ze80HmX_Mxg 

(February 2011)


(Photo courtesy Houghton Buffs Club)

Sincere apologies for us having to reschedule our Seghill Rugby Club gig to Saturday, February 12th (tickets from 29 Jan still valid) owing to Steve bass crashing out to an horrendous flu. Poor Steve couldn't lift his head from the pillow never mind lift a Rickenbacker! Steve was mortified to pull out and spoil his 100% attendance in over five years - it was his only cancellation out of nearly 350 gigs! (The rest of the boys are taking disciplinary action against him!) January saw a remarkable gig at Houghton le Spring Comrades especially when DIABLO went five piece with the addition of Matt on harmonica! The excellent Blacksmiths in Gosforth was packed again as was our first visit to The Black Bull, Wardley in Gateshead, all three gigs resulting in speedy returns. There were videos a plenty from both Annie Lee and snapper John Jobling for which we are eternally grateful Watch out on this website for a new Video Link page. February sees us at aforementioned Seghill, Pelaw, Callerton, Hetton Le Hole and a new venue in Gosforth The Brandling Villas.


(January 2011)


We'll all recall the heavy snow and ice in December which resulted in one cancellation for us by the venue but we still managed to enjoy gigs in Gateshead, Heddon, Hartlepool and a surprise party for DIABLO's 'snapper' John Jobling in Newcastle. Thanks to everyone who braved the often treacherous conditions to get through to see us. We finished the year with a cracking gig on New Years Eve in Killingworth to a capacity crowd of enthusiastic revellers. Well, Happy New Year to all our fabulous friends and we hope you'll continue coming to support us in 2011! We kick off in January at what is fast becoming one of our favourite venues, The Buffs Club at Houghton le Spring Comrades before returns to more great DIABLO strongholds The Blacksmiths in Gosforth and Seghill Rugby Club. We also look forward to our first visit to The Black Bull, Wardley in Gateshead.










(Photo courtesy John Jobling)


(January 2011)


November turned out to be quite a party month for DIABLO. Two weddings gigs were wild! And we wish both Jessica & Lee and Lindsey and Keith all happiness in the future. We were delighted to be asked to do a spot for our old pal Mark 'Borderland' Harrison for a surprise 40th birthday party for him which went really well - especially the look on his face! Our annual visit to New Brancepeth was a total sell-out and a good time was had by all - until we came to the homeward bound trip with snow; ice; skids; gridlock and a half an hour trip took us all between 2 and 3 hours to get home! It was similarly difficult getting home after a great night in Washington through deep snow and ice. As we write these notes, things are not getting any better weather-wise, so please drive with extra care when you're out and about. And on that subject, whilst we have a busy December, PLEASE check with the venues before travelling in case there are any last minute postponements as a result of adverse weather conditions. Currently, Xmas season (see gigs page) has us at Hartlepool (a few tickets still available) plus return gigs in Gateshead, Newcastle (The Star, NB 4.00 start for this one) and Heddon On The Wall (Three Tuns) plus of course our New Years Eve Spectacular at The Station Killingworth. We'd like to thank everyone who has helped DIABLO through 2010 with their constantly amazing and loyal support. All our original pals and supporters are still with us, and we've made lots of new friends during this year - roll on 2011. DIABLO wishes everyone a very happy Christmas and a brilliant, healthy and fun 2011 - "Someone get me a flame thrower for Xmas, RIP Leslie Nielson. Oh PS Merry Xmas! (Davy Vocals xxx) .... "Stick with the music and thank you everyone for the affection and friendship from the official band slut! (Much love, Dave Drums xxxx) .... "Roses are red, Violets are blue, I wish you a Merry Christmas, And a Happy New Year. ........ Too. P.S. there's a good reason I don't write lyrics (Steve Bass xx) ... And from the shy, retiring, slightly deranged Anth, "Ahhh its that time of year again, my mind wanders like the littlest hobo dog or that wandering David bloke from the 80s Kung-Fu TV show (before rude wardrobes) mulled wine by a cosy fire place, Mr. Blobby on the TV (shouts 'Oi Blobby man how many times have I got to tell you get down from the TV stand!') snow cascading from the darkness like a whisper and a couple of fighting ferrets down your trousers. So if you get a glimpse of a familiar shadowy character in the distance this Christmas with a distinctive hat and carrying a box if goodies on his back, gasp in wonderment and shed a tear of joy..... as it's only Kev the sound man unloading the DIABLO van. If you see a cherub faced youngster singing with the voice of an angel it's probably Davy aka Justin Bieber's younger brother. Thanks everyone for a very welcoming 2010.   Here's wishing all of our Diablians a wonderful Christmas and joy and happiness for 2011. I hope it brings you all rock n roll 'n laughter and see ya all soon.  PS DIABLO plectrums are a great stocking filler xxx"
















 (Photo courtesy John Jobling)

                                                              (Photo courtesy Susan Moss)

Davy's songs co-written with China Drum's Adam Lee - TIA, SRJ and TAF have sold 1300 copies since last month. Scary thing is that "Say What You Wanna"; "Subdued" and "Spit from DIABLO's Violet Scent Of Rose", still appear to be on iTUNES but when you click on the links they are all down as being by the Finnish Metal band!

Whilst original songs are DIABLO's main direction, it's worth mentioning that DIABLO covers do great business on You Tube. These are largely mobile phone live recordings which capture some of the fun of live gigs. Leading the pack is "Creep" Live From Stormin' The Castle Festival (984 views) with high viewing numbers for DIABLO's take on "Chasing Cars"; "7 Nation Army" and "Monster". Worth mentioning too, is the You Tube videos of DIABLO's live version of the Davy Diablo / Adam Lee China Drum song "Take It All" which has been viewed 870 times so far.


(December 2010)



                                              (Photos courtesy John Jobling)

September is holiday time for DIABLO (a combination of Dominican Republic and DIY at Ashington!) so we had just four shows, three of which were thoroughly enjoyable private parties at Consett, High Spen and Prudhoe - thanks to George (40); Tracey (30) and Samantha on her 40th for inviting us to play. We played Allendale first time for a while which was great fun and it was fab to have our special pal, lovely Sam Hutchinson (pictured with Davy) guesting on vocals on "Spit Upon The Ashes" Sam of course features on "Last Chance" with us on "Quietly In The Background" album. DIABLO photo snapper John Jobling captured some of the fun with pictures you can see at http://johnjobling.smugmug.com/Music/Diablo/DiabloAllendale-Sep10/136570688qhXG#996999047_qFaiL

We mentioned Houghton Buffs Club closing down last time but all is well, the Club's rock night is moving just a little way down the street to Houghton Comrades Club.
We went into Trinity
Heights Recording Studio this month to remix and re-record "Subdued" - Davy's very first composition written when he was just 19 and which appears on "Violet Scent Of Rose". "Subdued" has been recorded now at FIVE different studios and this latest version is the best so far with a much more indie rock fun feel to it. It will be available on download and CD later this year.

October sees DIABLO appearing at Houghton Comrades and Benwell Cricket Club for the first time with returns to lots of our favourite places like The Star Newcastle; The Tannery Hexham; Poachers Cottage Callerton; The Old Horseshoe at Crook and The Blacksmiths Gosforth.

The big news is that after over three years with DIABLO, Paul has announced that he is leaving DIABLO this month to pursue other things. We are sorry to lose our lead guitarist who has done some great shows with us during the last 240 gigs. His guitar playing is much admired and his famous "Spit Upon The Ashes" rap and "Runaway" (both on You Tube) are always highlights among many, in DIABLO's gigs. We hope to keep you informed of Paul's future music activities and wish him all the very best for the future. With a heavy winter gig schedule, we are pleased to say that original DIABLO guitarist Tony Erskine (left) has agreed to help us out temporarily, whenever he can, for the rest of this year. We are confident at this stage, that no 2010 gigs will be affected but would ask for your patience if not all your favourite DIABLO songs are included with every show - we have an equally heavy period of rehearsal ahead!


(September 2010)


While DIABLO are in the process of coming up with album No. 4 for early 2011, ("Only Fools Reign" is getting a new treatment as we speak!), Davy's side project recordings with China Drum's Adam Lee, as the duo SICKHOOSE, on the 3 track single "Nozdrillz" - can now be purchased from iTunes!

(June 2010)


(Photo courtesy Russell Wright)

In June, we had to cancel our Three Tuns, Gateshead visit owing to a family illness and apologies again to both the venue and the many people who attended. DIABLO played South Gosforth Social Club and South Shields Golf Club for the first time; returned to The Star (to compete with the England football game!) and finish off the month at the Poachers Cottage in Callerton, rapidly becoming one of our favourite places. Our photographer John Jobling tried his hand again with a video for You Tube from the Gosforth gig and you can catch those on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2U382F2MNBI

July sees DIABLO with a six show schedule at The Gosforth Hotel Pub, The Rose & Crown (note again 6.00 kick off for this one); a return to a sold out Seghill Rugby Club; our first visit to Amble and returns to both The Blacksmiths Arms and Annfield Plain Cricket Club. At the time of writing, we don't know how England progressed in the World Cup, which may affect starting times of certain gigs but we'll keep you posted.


(June 2010)


May saw DIABLO at Hartlepool for the first time and great return gigs at Heworth, Prudhoe and Crook. We did two new venues - a brilliant Guide Post crowd in Gateshead and a wild Sunday afternoon at Hetton. (You can get an idea of the fun of this one thanks to gorgeous Annie Lee by checking out You Tube's http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yxwalbLyPug ) June sees us at The Three Tuns, Gateshead (where the 'live' album was recorded of course); a rescheduled Gosforth Social Club gig (tickets from the Club); a charity fundraiser at South Shields Golf Club  (tickets from the Club) and returns at two of our favourite venues - The Star in Newcastle and The Poachers Cottage at Callerton. We picked up a nice comment from 2009's Heddon On The Wall gig from 'Emmycake'  who said, "I came to see you guys at the Three Tuns in Heddon, you were totally awesome!! I bought both your albums and I'm in love with them 'cos you rock! x"

DIABLO's original songs continue to make waves via the Internet and we received a cheque out of the blue from iTunes for the sale of another 134 DIABLO albums - mainly Davy's solo set, "Quietly In The Background"! The DIABLO live album is long since sold out, but we keep getting asked for it at gigs so we have taken to providing CDR copies for anyone who buys DIABLO's "Violet Scent Of Rose" CD. "Only Fools Reign" is still getting attention in the US on websites, becoming our most popular download this month and the exciting news is that we are re-recording it as we speak! After playing any track live for three years, it's inevitable that we should come up with new ideas that were not on the original recording. We've changed the drumming and guitars very slightly, and Davy has added extra vocals, acoustic guitar and more keyboards. We're looking forward to hearing the end result which is being recorded at DIABLO sound man Kevin McBride's Backstage Studios in Ashington. And after 300 gigs with us, there's nobody more qualified to know what DIABLO sounds like than Kev! DIABLO's bass king Stevie Lodge, is currently also remixing some of the live album tracks which will be out later in the year on a CD-EP. There's also a brand new DIABLO release! Well not quite, but Davy's side project with China Drum's Adam Lee sees a Sickhoose CD-EP out in a couple of weeks with three tracks recorded at Trinity Heights in Newcastle. DIABLO already perform one of these live - "Take It All" and we are hoping to do another one soon.










(Photo courtesy Russell Wright)





(June 2010)


(Photo courtesy Russell Wright)

Davy's glandular problem eased a little - we tried three gigs - then his voice broke down again and we had to cancel three further shows. Whilst we're looking forward to the May schedule, we are having him see a specialist to make sure there is no underlying problem. Singing two or three times a week in loud conditions for the last six years, does take it out on anyone's voice we guess, and we can only apologise to anyone who planned to attend those cancelled gigs. The shows we did manage at The Lochside Benton, The Ox & Plough Washington and The Old Tannery Hexham were all great and a good (and relieved) time was had by all. Special thanks to George our webmaster this month who has now maintained DIABLO's site for over 10,000 visitors! Please keep checking with the site during May to make sure the schedule is going ahead - we have seven gigs planned including our first in Hartlepool, Springwell and Hetton plus returns to Crook, Heworth and Prudhoe AND a private function. We'd also suggest that you make sure you are on DIABLO's mailing list to ensure that any changes are notified directly to you immediately we know of any. Nice mention from Eleanor Kate Smith recently, who described DIABLO ... "Yeaaaaaah... they rock... their gigs are awesome and fuuunny!!" . Although some will be available here on our site, the results of our photoshoot recently with Russell Wright can be viewed on: http://storeandshare.sky.com/invite/login?c=313232383539313232353235353634393030305449443535&i=122-127e06c9fa0-sky_gemini2&t=25e8c8daf1924375&r=mg&lang=en



(April 2010)


We spotted on an Internet site last.fm, that "Sayonara" (from Davy's "Quietly In The Background" album) had been played 286 times .... by two listeners - somebody's keen on the song and thank you! The BBC have been in touch with apologies, after we sent them three DIABLO songs, "Say What You Wanna"; "Runaway" and "Spit Upon The Ashes, a full year ago! They are now being listened to "by a panel of experts" to see if they can be playlisted. Fingers crossed!

(April 2010)


Open Wire USA'S website carried a review of "Only Fools Reign" (Can't Rain All The Time") from Germany ... "Good song. But only one! Why always only one song? 9 points out of 10. I can only say: respect. This song could have been written by Bon Jovi: It sounds powerful and very emotional. The workout of the song is, simply said, genius, the song catches and moves me. And, in addition to this all, a singer who comes very close to Bon Jovi. Respect. But anyhow: I really want more than only one song. That's why only 9 out of 10 points. P.S.: Too bad that you can't be found under conventional searching such as "ballads", "rock" etc. otherwise this pearl of a song gets lost in the Jamendo-marsh." FesselndEr, Mönchengladbach, Germany

(September 2009)


     We had a nice surprise yesterday:


     This has DIABLO topping their Top 100 Unsigned Play list

     but there is no indication on how to vote or play!




(November 2008)


Here's a nice website you might like to look at where you can play Diablo songs or even buy them, if you don't already have them: http://www.overplay.co.uk/band.asp?band_id=1006195
So if you ever fancy Diablo as your background music (maybe not at work though!) or while you're doing the hoovering, this is the place to go. It's in its early stages, this site but we are keen to support it, especially when they have an Indie Top 100 Chart which depends on plays/purchases. You can see this by clicking the Overplay Charts tab. DIABLO at time of writing are at No. 3(!) with "Spit Upon The Ashes" so at least we're in there somewhere but fall behind the current No. 1 which has had over 200 plays as I write this. So if you fancy helping us to No. 1 in at least these charts, that would be really something! And it would save us listening to a Diablo song 250 times to get us No. 1!!!


... and three days later - No.1 !!!    Thank you so, so much!



(March 2008)


Only our second gigging weekend this year and we had two spectacular shows! The Blacksmiths Arms, Gosforth ran by the gorgeous Louise was the venue on January 19th, where Lou actually shut the doors as the room was full with a capacity crowd of Diablians. And wild they were too! She wrote in: "It was a gem of a gig; the interaction between the band and crowd was perfect, the band were spot on and I really loved it. Young Davy has everything going for him and I told him that there's a lot of bands worried! Thanks to all the band - see you at the return gig in July but I'm going to get to a gig myself to relax and watch you!" Next day, it was our first appearance at The Old Tannery in Hexham and we were pre-warned "they like heavy rock and classic rock in here mind!" .............. until DIABLO! The reception was ecstatic and we were literally mobbed at the end by virtually everyone in the room. We were overwhelmed with the feedback, overhearing so often "how are these guys still unsigned?" and "DIABLO are just the best band we've ever seen!" After four encores reaching midnight, and with a standing ovation which seemed to go on forever, we just stood there amazed at such a warm crowd. We asked Gary the manager, if he was happy, and he had us in tears of laughter when he dryly commented, "You were absolute shite!"

(January 2007)


Yes, August 2005 started it all for DIABLO with their opening gig at The Rising Sun, Sunniside. The place was crammed to capacity. It was the day after The Leeds Festival which Davy and Anth attend (as visitors ... for now) each year, and they seemed to have brought back half the crowd to The Sun! This was the gig that famously had the pub run out of beer and run out of staff half way through, so unexpected was the size of Diablo's audience.  It also had Davy being rushed to hospital straight after the gig with stomach cramp - he had sang for two and a half hours, none stop, much too strenuously - and made his second public appearance that night - this time in Queen Elizabeth Hospital's Casualty Dept!!

August 2006 closed the band's first year with an amazing show at The Garrick's Head, North Shields with another capacity crowd, after 55 gigs including headlining the Allendale Festival in May 2006; recording Diablo's first CD-EP of original songs and appearing all over the North East from Gateshead to Carlisle and from Kielder to Allensford playing virtually every weekend. The Garrick's Head turned out to be the band's CD launch and they played all the tracks from the CD-EP and created a lot of interest, with an encouraging start to sales.  The DIABLO website was launched the same week as the recordings and after three days had over 125 visitors.

(August 2006)



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