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  Although DIABLO's main thrust is original songs, to keep the show fresh and interesting, the band does perform some popular covers of today's music by bands like The Stereophonics, The Killers, Snow Patrol and more. Metro Radio legend Alan Robson, sums it up ... "DIABLO live shows have become something of a cult hit, with a set that includes their own blistering material and songs from the likes of Muse and Green Day. See them live to fully appreciate!"





SIGERSON .... "Thank you for that great clip of  DIABLO's "Sigerson". I never ever realised that you were a muso and as it appears, a great songwriter as well. Congratulations to you and all the guys. That's excellent work. Have you released that song in the UK?" Jim Skiathitis, lead guitar - The Atlantics (ED: The Atlantics are the legendary Australian surf band who celebrate 50 years in rock music this year and who had "Bombora" No. 1 in
the Australian charts, (#2 in Italy) and "The Crusher" #4 in Australia plus later vocal hits)
.... "A lot of work has gone into the Sigerson clip since the first version, if I recall correctly. Nice song and very well recorded. You certainly are working hard and it appears to be paying dividends. I think it is fantastic that Dave Drums is involved with a contemporary band and can bring his knowledge and passion for music of the past to the table - I can't help but draw comparisons with Muse in so far that I can hear the influence Bellamy Snr. has had on their music! Take that as a compliment. Kim Humphreys (great guitarist from Australia whose new album "Guitar Penitentiary" is doing really well Internationally) .... "Sigerson - top tune I like it! John (The Whodlums, top North East 'The Who' tribute band)..."5.0 out of 5 stars!! This is as good or better than anything by China Drum, and deserves to be bought by the shed load by all who love good, loud, catchy, modern punk - reminds me of the Pistols, the Ruts and some Green Day in a blender with some modern sensibilities added for good measure - totally recommended to people who like it tuneful, loud and exciting." (J.W.R. Davis "PaddyGoo" Plymouth, UK)
... Played on Radio One in July!! We don't know which station but we got a royalty cheque! ... "Great song, like the vocal and a very catchy chorus". (Andre Blakemore) ... "Aaaah, I love it and it made me smile all the way thru. DIABLO rocks, yeah!!!!!" (Julie Murray xx) ... "Great song and very well recorded. Sounds very 'now' Congrats!" (Kim Humphreys - Great Australian guitarist) ... Here's John Jobling's new DIABLO video of "Sigerson"  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2E6S9qCDblo&feature=youtu.be ...

SUBDUED played Ourobouros Podcast (UK) and Radio Nuevo-Baztan (Spain) http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-Nuevo-Baztan-1075-s115459/ ...

RUNAWAY ... Barry Jones Hospital DJ writes, "I am arranging to have "Runaway" put into the Hospital radio system, where it will be broadcast to North Tees and Hartlepool, and very good it is too!" ... Thanks again to our good pal Mike Richards at Lincoln City Radio 103.6 FM for getting behind "Runaway" and playing it every week since it came out!  Lincoln City Radio 103.6 FM http://www.lincolncityradio.com/  ... It was also played on German Radio http://memoryhits.rad.io/  ... "Finally got round to listening to the new album and definite favourite is "Runaway". (Claire Burn) ... "It would definitely make No. 1 if released as a single" (Sandra Sidaway) ... You can download the DIABLO Sickhoose CD if you can't get to a gig http://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/diablo-sickhoose/id450796784  ... "OK I admit it, I'm jealous of DIABLO. It's bad enough leaving your band in the North East and moving 200 miles away, let alone seeing a better one rise to untold heights, including a guitarist you've been in FOUR bands with since age 16, a drummer who was in one of your bands and a singer you are mates with who looks like Justin Timberlake's better looking bro. B*stards. That's a compliment, by the way." (Harvey Smith) .... "That was "Sigerson" by DIABLO. We've played some of their stuff before - we first became aware of DIABLO when we met lead singer Davy Peckett on Sickhoose's fantastic track "TIA" (included on this CD) which was one of my top 10 favourite singles of last year. There's something incestuous here in that Davy is lead singer of both Sickhoose and DIABLO! "Sigerson" is a spilt CD with the three Sickhoose tracks that came out last year and three brand new tracks from DIABLO and nice rocky stuff it is." (Colin Gazeley, Bath), Ourobouros Podcast #191 http://feeds.feedburner.com/ourobouros August 2011) ... "New CD in today from a group from  Gateshead called DIABLO and that was a track called "Runaway" - stunning indeed. Fantastic piece of music, we'll be playing that again next week. Stick together boys!"   (Mike Richards, Lincoln City Radio) ... "Love the CD - totally professional, looking forward to seeing DIABLO live soon" (Louise Stobbart Smith) ... "Had an amazing night at The Star last night! New DIABLO album is fantastic -  I urge everyone to buy it! (Kirsty Robson) ... "Had a mint night in The Star with DIABLO, got their new Sickhoose album and started to listen to it on the way home." (Amy Gunter xx) ... "Great album lads, cant wait to see you live!" (David Williamson) ... "Thanks for an excellent show last Friday; especially for bringing in a legion of fans, the place would have looked a bit sparse without them. As we discussed before the gig, numbers seem to be dropping off in a lot of places. DIABLO will always be welcome at any club we run, your music is a welcome reminder that there's more than metal out there (allegedly) Also, thanks very much for the new CD, it's playing as I write this, it'll feature prominently on the Houghton Buffs club play list for the next few weeks." (Dave Fulton, July 2011) ... "Awesome album mate, loving "Sigerson" especially, and "Runaway" is as good as ever" (David Robson) ... "TIA has to be my fav love it!" (Kirsty Ayton x) .... "I enjoyed listening to both groups (Sickhoose is a duo) but I liked DIABLO better as they are more melodic. I liked "Sigerson" best. Of all the DIABLO tunes I have heard, I like "Go On" from "Quietly In The Background" album the best." (Kambayashi Ayako, Japan) ... "Today your DIABLO CD arrived , just fantastic, especially "Runaway". I will play the record on Thursday. You can listen to the program on www.infonuevobaztan.com ..." (Eduardo Bartrina, drummer of legendary Spanish group Los Jets and presenter on Radio Nuevo Bastan, Spain) ... "I'm lovin' the new CD and the new "Runaway" is amazing" ... (Annie Lee xxx)





A VIOLET SCENT OF ROSE -  "Cannot think of a better way to spend the afternoon than driving in this nice weather listening to my DIABLO album - Love them! They rock!!!!!! (Amy Smith July 2011).... "Yes I am one of those people who dances to her ipod, nods her head and mouths the words to a song in public. Diablo Northeast, you are to blame for it this time!" (Charlotte Thompson x, July 2011)

SIGERSON - from the new CD-EP was played on May 6, May 29 and again on June 5 on Last Exit For The Lost US Radio Show New York, USA and they also played TIA from the same EP on May 22 ... "This is so fun! Thanks for reaching out. And best wishes in all your DIABLO-related work!" (Susan Dowdney Safipour, Editor Diablo Magazine, California!!! July 2011)

THIS TIME I'M RIGHT - "I still want a copy of the first album for that song I loved - "This Time I'm Right"!! Love that tune!! Can I get a disc? Will definitely have to come c a gig soon been ages x ". (Deanne Branley)

SUBDUED (New Version) - "Don't think this is available for download yet but I think it's really good." (Bath area based Colin G's Ourobouros podcast)
... "The song sounds great and  the drumming is excellent! Kinda reminds me a bit of Interpol but more punk rock."
(Continental Magazine, Bellingham
... "Very cool - Will be airing this tonight" (Last Exit for the Lost Internet Radio, New York, USA) ... "One word for this (Making Of video), excellent". (Terence Ward)

There's a thread on Big Ginger Gits website called "The best local gig ever". Entries are more often than not big touring bands, except for Dave the boss at Houghton Buffs, who says: "Either Borderland's final gig at the old Buffs club in Houghton, or DIABLO's gig on 7th January this year at Houghton Comrades. Only band I've ever seen get a spontaneous standing ovation - and for one of their own songs too - "Runaway", it's on YouTube and still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I watch it" .... "I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it and everytime I still hear it, a chill runs up my spine  ........ love it, love it loveeee it! (Annie Lee) ... "One of those songs that lodge in the mind and you find yourself humming all the time, excellent!" (Plummet 2)

TAKE IT ALL (Live!) - "If I heard a band play this at a pub,  I'd be like ... holy crap that'd amazing!! (Lost Causes) ... "'TIA' was featured in my review of the year with my 10 favourite tracks I played in 2010. You can find it at ourobouros.co.uk" (Bath area based Colin G's Ourobouros podcast)

ONLY FOOLS REIGN (Can't Rain All The Time) -
"Can't beat listening to DIABLO when driving to Manchester (Annie Lee) ... "We're away but just been listening to you on our flight to Gatwick!!! "Only Fools Reign" is my favourite!!!!" (Angela Simmons x) ... "I love "Fools Reign" and "Last Chance" and I think you should release your version of "Chasing Cars!!!" (Vikki Baker xx) ... "First time I've heard indie music and liked it actually. For me its 10/10 all the way." (Robert Herworth)







"Just listened to the new DIABLO live album - its fantastic! Get it bought people and TURN IT UP!!!!!!!!" (Adam Lee) .... "The new live album is great, Steve's done a cracking job on the design" (Niki Mather) ... "After a couple of listens of the Live album....it is very good!!!  Esp.. "Ashes" , "Court Jester" and "Fools Reign". (John J) ... "I thought your DIABLO CD was fab. I liked the originals as well. What amazed me more than anything was where the hell does Dave get the energy to play the drums for all those numbers!!!?" (Keith Wilson) ... "Really impressed with the album it def captures the DIABLO experience with a great mix of your original stuff & current crowd pleaser covers!  Quality of cover very impressive by the way." (Paul Reay)






ONLY FOOLS REIGN - "Brilliant! - What can I add except the headline? This song is, seen from all sides, only genius - thanks and I'm looking for the
next one.

"Thank you for sending me Diablo's CD. I enjoyed it a lot - I especially liked the tune "On Their Own" and the piano on "Raid" and "Can't Rain All The Time (Only Fools Reign)" was very beautiful - Oh, young Davy is beautiful too!" (Kambayashi Ayako, Japan)

ONLY FOOLS REIGN - "Loved the CD fab especially "Only Fools Reign" (Can't Rain All The Time)". Where can I find the lyrics as I like to sing along. Honestly fab songs I'm so impressed you wrote them all (Michelle Meynell)

ONLY FOOLS REIGN - "Beautiful... I like it very much....10 out of 10 . Looking through the pages of Jamendo I found this sweet song and nice song." (Jenny, Open Wire)

WAIT - "I get in moods (A LOT) when this would be the PERFECT music!!! This is a well constructed song - very pleasing."  (Tracktesting.com)

SAY WHAT YOU WANNA - "I'm amazed. Very good. Both vocal, composure and recording!  this is hands down the best track i have heard on this site. good chorus. I like that song. good work."  (Tracktesting.com)

SUBDUED - "This sounds great I liked it a lot  Love British punk bands...great vocal good song keep rockin' boys. Cool. It's got nerve and a great groove. Thumbs up."  (Tracktesting.com)

SPIT UPON THE ASHES - "This song kicks ASS. Right on.  fanfreakintastic, this rocks  perfect song for a live concert at any summer festival, makes me wanna grab a beer and enjoy the sunshine, it's all summer, summer, summer! - wow, i love the full track, very great sound, r u having an album soon?" (Tracktesting.com)

ONLY FOOLS REIGN (Can't Rain All The Time") "Extremely good song but why are there no more songs like this? I like the emotion which you can really feel."  (Ausgezeichnet, Austria)

ONLY FOOLS REIGN (Can't Rain All The Time") - "Good song. But only one! Why always only one song? 9 points out of 10. I can only say: respect. This song could have been written by Bon Jovi: It sounds powerful and very emotional. The workout of the song is, simply said; genius, the song catches and moves me. And, in addition to this all, a singer who comes very close to Bon Jovi. Respect. But anyhow: I really want more than only one song. That's why only 9 out of 10 points. Too bad that you can't be found under conventional searching such as "ballads", "rock" etc. otherwise this pearl of a song gets lost in the Jamendo-marsh." (FesselndEr, Mönchengladbach, Germany, for Open Wire USA website)

ONLY FOOLS REIGN (Can't Reign All The Time) - "Violet Scent Of Rose" is a darn good album and "Only Fools Reign" is beautiful, absolutely beautiful." (Barry Wilson, Radio NE1FM AlterNation Show)

STAND UP - "Indie rock awesome catchy footstomper" (On Line ME Music)

LATELY - "I really like your music and was wondering if I could get your permission to use one of your songs in a video I'm producing for a university project.  The song that I would like to use is "Lately".  (Andrew McKittrick)

DIABLO Es Bueno!! By Josh East - "Yes, the Devil is good. At least music wise, for the band members in DIABLO of Newcastle, UK. I first heard DIABLO on Overplay.com as an industry panel judge for the website's Play & Rate Song Competition, where the band took 5th place for "Can't Rain All The Time (Only Fools Reign)". When I first heard this song, the sound brought me back a decade or two with its classic guitar riffs, and it was quite different from the rest of their material fitting more into soft rock than their much harder tracks. This song is definitely an album track, lasting over six minutes in length. If you like to hear that classic soft rock sound, I recommend taking advantage of this download offer." (Openmusicwire.com (USA) - 236 listens, 39 downloads)

Latest comments on "Spit Upon The Ashes" from listeners to Tracktesting website - "Great tune, great sound, I would buy the album based on this" ....." Cool. Like the vocals" ..... From Kiss FM "This is why the Americans still can't do punk rock. We invented it & we are still the only ones who understand it!" ..... "I don't know that much about rock. but I really like this track, you'll get happy listening to it" .....  "Could do well in Europe" ..... "I like this , wanted to hear more from the group. Also would like to remix the track for a hard style song" ..... "Sounds good. Lead vocals are very unique." .....  "Pretty good with a touch of Lost Prophets. I like u guys!" ..... "I want to hear more. This is my type of music!."

"Diablo – 'Can't Rain All The Time' (Only Fools Reign)" -  Piano ballads don’t come much more raw. The simple keys belie the sandpaper Kelly Jones-ish vocal, from frontman Davy. And when the guitars finally arrive, it’s with a dirty sincerity. This is the way all those dreadful Guns n’ Roses ballads should’ve sounded." (Overplay Top Five Competition)

"I bought your CD as soon as I heard it.I honestly think you are a fantastic sound, I am only sorry I am new to you!  And I think I have excellent taste (Dylan is my God, closely followed by Cohen, Van Morrison!) You obviously have a totally different sound to them, but your stuff gave me goose bumps, honestly. I will definitely come to see you!!!!" (Jennifer Trotter)

And a snippet where the reviewers were talking of another band: "...they also do a few of their own, now when this happens our reaction is usually "Oh no, here we go, lets get it over with"  (DIABLO perhaps being an exception) but the song was good...". (Paul & Bernie, Davy's Rockpages)

"Just wanted you to know how much I absolutely love "Can't rain all the time". I can't stop playing it, I get Goosebumps every time I hear it!!! Can't wait to see you live again." (Jayne McStay x)

"I listened to some of DIABLO's stuff on MySpace last night and I thought it was excellent. "Spit upon the Ashes" is particularly good. Fantastic that you write your own stuff and perform it so well. Hopefully I will get to bring the wife to one of your gigs in the future." (Allen Dodd)

"Just a quick mail to say thanks very much to you and the guys for signing the DIABLO album (A Violent Scent Of Rose) for me I really appreciate it. I have to tell you that we have been playing it constantly since I got it last Thursday and love it! I can't pick a favourite song they are all great, but I've been told by my wife Jayne to tell you that 'Can't Rain All The Time' is the best song on the album! (Chris McStay, Gateshead)

DIABLO - "SPIT UPON THE ASHES": "Put your foot down and get ready to run the Mexican border with this powerful chunk of Cowboy Punk. Linkin Park meets the Maiden meets Green Day meets The Gypsy Kings." (Overplay Unsigned Competition Final)

"A crack of thunder, a fizz of electricity and the monster stirs. "It's alive!", cries a voice over solemn piano and crackling tension and 'A Violent Scent Of Rose' begins. Samples from Frankenstein and Terminator may be a dramatic way to kick off your LP, but Newcastle quartet Diablo are about nothing if not gripping entertainment. There are 14 songs of sweaty, sincere and soaring modern rock here - all as accessible as they are edgy. First off, there are the punky bits. Songs where frontman Davy Peckett sneers somewhere between Johnny Rotten and Billy Joe Armstrong while he and fellow guitarist Paul McMullen cut a swathe across the speakers with Uzi-powered riffs. "Subdued", "Let's All Hear" and "Is This The Way? (Stand Up)" have all the best bits of the Buzzcocks or The Clash, not to mention the energy and toxic ferocity of a toddler with radioactive poo. Elsewhere, "This Time I'm Right" and "Say What You Wanna" are imbued with the slick rock of The Killers, while "Far Less Than You" and "Fate On I Owe" do a nice line in bristling folky Starsailoresque thinkpop. On the other hand, "Wait" and "Can't Rain All The Time (Only Fools Reign)" are far less introspective. They're epic ballads that only suffer for not being able to afford a full orchestra. The two standout moments here, though, show that Diablo are equally at home at with gonzo and gravitas. "Court Jester' resurrects the studded-leather glory of Judas Priest in fabulous riffovision. Meanwhile, "On Their Own" is a pensive contemporary melodrama that only the likes of Linkin Park can carry off well. These are both great tracks and they prove that Diablo have got the ingenuity to come up with plenty of fresh stuff. That "Violet Scent of Rose may well turn into the sweet smell of success." (Overplay.co.uk)

"The album is superb & to be honest having just recently discovered DIABLO I’ve always thought your own songs improve the set & I enjoy them as much as the covers (which are also great by the way! ). I watch many local bands including a lot of cover bands & the combination of your excellent sound & balance and the rather special vocals is a complete pleasure to watch. Fingers crossed for a "break " soon to get a wider audience but in the meantime keep enjoying what you do as that counts for a lot!" (Paul Reay)

"Dave - your son is quite a talent. I like "On Their Own" the best and "This Time I'm Right". (Davie Allan, Los Angeles)  NB: The legendary Davie Allan is the "King Of The Fuzz Guitar" for the last 40 years, having had US hit singles "Apache '65", the million selling "Blues Theme", "Wild Angels" and fifty albums issued.

"My boss's 5 yr old was apparently bouncing round his bedroom singing along with Say What You Wanna, and yelling downstairs, "Mam, it's mint!!!" (Steve)

"Just got the DIABLO new CD, "A Violet Scent of Rose, been playing it all week and pleased to say its really good, the vocals and overall sound have been recorded perfectly. I think the three standout tracks are Wait, Far Less Than You, and Can’t Rain All The Time, an anthemic track and probably the one I ‘ve played the most. If I’d the talent to write any of those, I’d be very proud, they’re brilliant songs. This Time I’m Right, Subdued and Fate On I Owe have all had a nice overhaul in the production since their last recorded versions and now sound like the live versions I’ve heard which have always been fantastic. The up tempo Spit Upon The Ashes sounds like a great song for the moshpit, and I love the bass rhythm on the track Lately." 
(Kev Buckowski, RIFFS)

"Diablo are a North East based rock band who formed in 2005.They are a four piece led by Davy Peckett (vocals, guitar, keyboard, song writer) with Dave Peckett (drums, backing vocals and booking agent!), Paul McMullen (lead guitar, backing vocals) and Steve Lodge (bass, backing vocals). The band have built up a considerable following thanks to regular live appearances and also live sessions on local radio. Each member of Diablo is a seasoned performer and between them they have a considerable amount of live experience, which becomes obvious to anyone who has seen the lads in action. Diablo are one of those bands where once seen it's a case of not forgotten and for many it's an experience that they want to repeat and do so each time the band hits their area. Diablo's live sets feature a musically varied mixture with songs by bands like The Chilli Peppers, Green Day, Muse and The Kaiser Chiefs but its their own original music which often turns people heads and hooks people into returning to see the band time and time again. The bands self financed full-length CD album "A Violet Scent Of Rose" finally sees the band getting their original music recorded for their followers. It's a cracking little fourteen-track release professionally recorded and packaged. After my first listen to the album I couldn't help thinking to myself "this band are playing music which is really now". Thirty minutes of listening to any quality radio station will have no one in any doubt that guitar music is back on the agenda and Diablo's music is right up there with the best of them. The album provides music, which is varied both in tempo, mood and arrangements. Its other striking feature is its seamless blend of indie rock with hard rock sensibilities. The song writing is of a very high standard and if the Stereophonics ever hit writers block Diablo could easily provide them with songs to get them on track. There are many tracks on the album which deserve special mention." Say What You Wanna" is a marvellous slice of commercial indie rock. Rhythmically it's deceptively catchy and after a couple of listens you'll be singing along with the chorus. This is the kind of song, which fills dance floors in rock clubs up and down the country and also has the potential to sell shed loads. "Court Jester" shows the bands hard rock flavours coming through with a guitar riff, which could be the long lost twin of "Enter Sandman" (Metallica). It'sonly fleeting and is judiciously used before launching into a great series of meaty and catchy guitar chords. The song itself is well crafted and one senses there has been a lot of thought put into the arrangement. Underpinning this track is the big, fat and fruity bottom end of Steve Lodge who just may have Jennifer Lopez looking over her shoulder (think about it!). "This Time I'm Right" is modern day rock n roll. Uncluttered, direct and melodic. There is a short breakdown in the middle with some nice pokey clean guitar, which had me thinking of Dire Straits and The Manic Street Preachers all at the same time. "Fate On I Owe" is an intriguing number that rocks along in a very individual and original way. The drum pattern had me scratching my head thinking," when was the last time I head drums like that"? Eventually it came to me, it was on Mud's "Tiger Feet". Before anyone wonders where I'm going with this I should say that the above comment is a compliment as it's designed to show how catchy "Fate On I Owe" is as a track. The final song on the album "Is This The Way? (Stand Up)" is another track which could be a commercial smash? It's a glorious groove, which marches along sounding like a jam session between Kaiser Chiefs, Public Image Limited and featuring Geddy Lee on bass. With "A Violet Scent Of Rose" Diablo have put together an album of songs that they can feel justly proud of. The album shows a band with their own sound along with music that is very up to date and which never treads old ground. The sound of the album is fresh and immediate and a major achievement when one realizes that this has been a self-financed effort. The quality of the songs does make one wonder what would happen if the band were given a bigger budget and time as the potential for this kind of music is enormous.  One thing's for sure, the individual musical talent and the song writing quality on display here show us a band who are going to be rocking the North East and beyond for a long time to come." (Al Hay, hardrockhouse.com)

"Genuinely, I think it's absolutely brilliant! I've played it 3 or 4 times now and it gets better on each listen. Every track is excellent, but for me it really starts to rock along from "Spit Upon The Ashes" - I reckon that one is going to be the "anthem", the definitive Diablo track at your gigs). But, my favourite at the moment is "Lately" and tracks "On Their Own" and "Is This The Way (Stand Up)". There's some really meaty guitar work and Paul's metal influence shows through, just the right amount. The way the tracks work for me, it's like a gig, with the first seven tracks getting you in the mood, then start of the second set with Spit on the Ashes. Great stuff." (Ritchie Nye)

"This week I had the honour of listening to The Diablo CD. What a crackerjack!! This album has all the seeds for success. Great song writing, great musicianship and that spark that is necessary for an up and coming band. The Best of luck to Diablo."
(Rich Geminn, USA)





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